Dresses for 10 Year Olds

Dresses For 10 Year OldsMy ten year old daughter has an orchestra concert this week.

And no dress.

I feel that this is just the beginning.

And, of course, being that it is the last minute possible – it is up to me to find the perfect dress.

The problem is that she doesn’t really like my choices. My taste is either too old fashioned or to yesterday. “Yesterday” meaning – oh, I don’t know – third grade perhaps.

To make sure that my shopping trip is not a #FAIL – I had her scope out some dresses online just to give me a good idea.

I would have ordered online, if there was time for shipping. I even crossed my fingers that she would like something that falls under the Amazon Prime umbrella, so we could take advantage of two day shipping. She did find a few things, but they weren’t her top choices. And some were a little pricey budgetwise for a school orchestra concert.

Apparently the above dresses made the first cut with my 10 year old. Keep in mind that we didn’t order these and I cannot vouch as to quality, fit, etc. etc.

Speaking purely from a style standpoint – these are her choices. And my mission this week is track one (or something similar down) in time for the concert.

  1. Pink Dress with Lace Overlay at Kohl’s
  2. Pastel Cheetah Print Dress at Kohl’s
  3. Mock Bolero Eyelash Dress at Kohl’s
  4. and 5.  These I included for style comparison only. We found these at Amazon.com. But the stock there changes so rapidly for apparel that it did not make sense to link to the actual product. Here today, gone tomorrow and all that.

Which one is your favorite? If you have a ten year old daughter – tell us which dresses she likes best.

Other than being modest, my requirement was that the dress have sleeves of some sort, as it is a winter concert – and in the northeast you can be guaranteed a cold night.

The Winner Is …..

Ultimately my daughter decided on dress #3. The Kohl’s website has a feature that allows you to check the stock at a local store. Since we have several Kohl’s stores in the area, I was able to find one that had the dress in stock. And I ran down and bought it while she was at school.

Thankfully it fit her perfectly!


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