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6 Figure Blog Challenge – Are You In?

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I am so excited to tell you all about the 6 Figure Blog Challenge from Ruth Soukup Omnimedia that is starting next week!

If you want to learn about the EXACT steps you need to take to build the foundation for a successful online business – then pay attention to this one.

By the end of this blogging challenge, you will:

  • understand the exact path you will need to take with your blog,
  • identify your target market,
  • and take the essential first steps to finally start building the online business that you have been dreaming about.

The best part is that the challenge only lasts for 5 days – starting March 15, 2021.

So, it will be intense, but if you put in the work – you will make big strides towards getting your business on the right track.

What is the 6 Figure Blog Challenge?

This challenge is a 5 day blogging bootcamp of sorts.

Each morning at 9am ET there will be a training session that is packed with value.

And then, each evening, there is an interview with a 6 Figure Blogger – so you can learn from people that have achieved that level of success.

When Will It Take Place?

The 6 Figure Blog Challenge takes place from March 15, 2021 to March 19, 2021.

What Does It Include?

The Basic Package is an AMAZING value at $29 – and it includes the following:

  • 5 Days of Live Training
  • Daily Assignments
  • Access to the 6 Figure Blog Challenge Facebook Group for the duration of the Challenge
  • and the Build Your Blog Bootcamp bonus.

The All Access Pass is also a great value at $49 and includes everything in the Basic Package as well as

  • lifetime access to the training videos AND
  • a workbook to help you complete the assignments and more easily apply the concepts to your own business.

Who is Ruth Soukup?

Ruth Soukup is a blogger that turned her little lifestyle blog into a seven figure business – yes, SEVEN figures!

To teach others how to “blog for profit” she created a course called Elite Blog Academy that has since evolved into a much more hands on program called Activate Business Coaching.

Why Am I Sharing This With You?

I, personally, took Elite Blog Academy back when it was first offered and have learned so much from Ruth over the years.

When she launched Activate – I was one of the first in line to sign up for a whole year.

I am telling you this because Ruth knows her stuff and shares her knowledge freely with her students.

You can probably agree that each one of us has different strengths.

One of my strengths is NOT strategy.

Honestly, I am more of a worker bee – tell me what to do and I do it.

So, when it came to growing an online business, I was a little bit lost.

For years I tried a little of this and a little of that – and didn't get very far.

Through the Activate Coaching Program I am finally making progress, and having fun doing it!

The Blog Challenge Is Worth It!

If you have been struggling with your blog and your business then the 6 Figure Blog Challenge will help you find clarity and direction.

Unlike other blogging challenges – this one is not free.

But that is actually a good thing.

The value that you will get – even out of the Basic tier – will far exceed the $29 cost.

How many times have you signed up for a challenge but then never made time in your schedule to complete it?

That is me, for sure.

But whenever I had to pay for something – I made darn sure to get my money's worth!

So, consider the cost to be your motivation, or your incentive to do the work and stop playing small.

Click here to learn more about the 6 Figure Blog Challenge and learn from one of the best and brightest teachers around.

Happy Blogging!

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