How to Join the Ultimate Bundles Affiliate Program

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Would you like to join the Ultimate Bundles Affiliate Program? It’s a great way to make money from your blog. If you don’t know what Ultimate Bundles is – read on. Otherwise click the button below to apply to become an affiliate.

What Are Ultimate Bundles?

Before I get into the details of the affiliate program – let me tell you what Ultimate Bundles are exactly.

Ultimate Bundles is a company that “bundles” together a collection of digital products that are centered around a particular topic.

These products include:

  • eCourses,
  • eBooks,
  • printables,
  • digital summits,
  • and more.

These products are created by well known and knowledgable influencers in each industry.

Each bundle of products is sold for a fraction of what it would cost to buy each item in the bundle separately.

The catch is that the bundle is only available to purchase for a limited time – except for a selection of Evergreen bundles that are available year round.

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There is an Ultimate Bundle for Almost Every Blog Niche

The reason why becoming an Ultimate Bundles Affiliate is a good fit for most bloggers is that whatever your blog niche is – there is sure to be a bundle that is a good fit.

For example, on this blog I write about a few topics including Blogging.

Ultimate Bundles offers a very popular product called the Genius Bloggers Toolkit – which is a huge collection of blogging resources.

This is a perfect fit for my audience.

I feel good about promoting it because I know that my readers will get a lot of value for the price.

You get the idea.

The beauty of the Ultimate Bundles Affiliate Program is that you DON’T have to promote all of them.

You can just blog about the ones that are a good fit for you.

Benefits of Joining the Ultimate Bundles Affiliate Program

There are a few perks to joining the Ultimate Bundles Affiliate program as well.

You Earn a Generous Commission

Ultimate Bundles offers a very generous 40 percent commission on every bundle you sell (even more if one of your own products are included in the bundle).

Also, if you sell 5 or more bundles, you get a free bundle for yourself.

You Earn a 2nd Tier Commission

If you recruit an affiliate through your link, you make a 10 percent commission on their sales for one year.

You Get a Discount on Your Bundle Purchase

As an affiliate, you get to advance purchase any of the bundles at a 40 percent discount.

You Can Promote Authentically

Because Ultimate Bundles gives you the option to buy and try at a discounted price – you can promote the bundle authentically.

This is huge.

I have purchased many, many bundles in different niches.

While all the products included offer good value, there are a few in each bundle that really stand out for me.

When I promote Ultimate Bundles – I talk about the 3 or 4 items that I learn the most from.

Usually the price I would pay for these 3 or 4 courses is more than the cost of the entire bundle.

The point is that – you don’t need to love or even use every in the bundle to make it worth the cost.

For this reason, I feel really comfortable telling my audience about these sales – because we all know that selling is not fun.

You Get Awesome Affiliate Training

Behind the scenes, the team at Ultimate Bundles are there for you.

They have free training materials and webinars to help you succeed with each sale.

You will use the knowledge that you get, not only with this program, but also with all the other affiliate programs out there that you promote.

Give the Ultimate Bundles Affiliate Program a Try

With all the benefits that you get, I think it worth taking for a spin!

Simply click the button below to apply.

Happy Blogging!

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