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Blogger Bash NYC 2017 – An Inside Look

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Blogger Bash NYC 2017 - An inside look at this blogging conference featuring fun, food, tech, and toys.

Yesterday was Day 1 of Blogger Bash NYC 2017.

Whether you've never been to a blogging conference before or you are a veteran, here is an inside look into this unique event.

Blogger Bash NYC 2017 (BBNYC) is the second blogging conference that I have attended and it did not disappoint. However, this blogging conference was set up a little differently than the first.

It took place in fabulous New York City, which is one of my favorite places on earth. So, right off the bat, I knew it was going to be a lot of fun.

The Logistics of Blogger Bash NYC 2017

Hello Blogger Bash NYC 2017

Day 1 of Blogger Bash NYC 2017 was collection of many different venues.

You could choose which events you wanted to attend, and some had their own separate RSVP requirements.

Your options were (read below to get details on the events I attended):

  • The Armitron Watches Kick Off Breakfast – Turn Your Passion Into Profits
  • Babypalooza Expo
  • CE Week
  • The Toy Association Headquarters Lunch
  • Blue Man Group
  • Sweet Suite 2017 Toy Expo

Some of the events overlapped so, you did have to make a few decisions.

Also, the events were scattered throughout New York City, so there was also location to consider.

Visit the Blogger Bash website here.

The Armitron Kick-Off Breakfast and Panel Discussion

Bobbie Weichselbaum of Armitron Watches and Sarah Roberts of Elle Magazine on Turning Passion Into Adventure Panel at BBNYC17 and Babypalooza.
Turning Passion Into Profits Panel by Armitron Watches at BBNYC and Babypalooza

After checking in at Pier 60, I headed over to Pier 59 for the Armitron Watches kick off breakfast and panel discussion.

I so enjoyed listening to this panel of successful, strong women talk about Turning Passion Into Adventure. These are women who are building their amazing careers while balancing family life.

The moderator, Lyss Stern, is the author of Motherhood is a Beach B#tch (isn't that the truth! 😉 ), and CEO of marketing agency

The panelists included:

Babypalooza Expo

Enjoying the morning at babypalooza

Even though my kids are well beyond babyhood, I enjoyed touring the Babypalooza Expo at Blogger Bash NYC 2017.

There were some baby products featured that I wish were available when my children were small.

In particular, I enjoyed hearing about a new line of paints specifically for use in children's rooms by iconic baby photographer Anne Geddes.

And there was also a line of allergen free skincare products that are not just for baby by babo botanicals. My teenage daughter has sensitive skin and these would be perfect for her.

Babypalooza was a lot of fun, but I wish it had been a little bigger.

I made my way around Babypalooza a few times in about an hour.

Since it was about noon and the next event didn't start until 1:45 I took the opportunity to go and explore NYC.

I had never been to Chelsea Market and …

Look What I Found At Chelsea Market

The Bowery in Chelsea Market NYC

Chelsea Market is a funky collection of a huge variety of ethnic and fusion food options with a few eclectic shops sprinkled in.

The sights and smells were fabulous.

Deciding where to grab some lunch was a complex decision. (Eventually I chose a roasted cauliflower sandwich at Num Pang Sandwich Shop).

But the highlight for me was …

The Bowery Kitchen Supply Store

Ok confession time.

I am a huge fan of the TV show The Profit.

In one episode Marcus Lemonis did a makeover on the The Bowery. I had forgotten all about it, but when I saw the store – I was like “wow!”.

Of course, I spent a little time in there, too.

And Then Onwards To CE Week

Fun products at ceweekny

The folks at Blogger Bash made it possible for us to attend CE Week (Consumer Electronics Week). They bussed a few of us over, so we didn't have to walk in the heat.

I love, love, love, gadgets and electronics.

Yes, I am a gadget geek – and new innovations and things that make life easier are pretty amazing in my book.

So, CE Week was a highlight of my day.

I met with companies that offered innovations in home security, home automation, entertainment, and even health and personal well-being products.

There was cool tech from Switchmate, JBL, Samsung, Harman, Kidde, remobell, Reliefband, Polaroid, Oomi, Fidget Tech, Strotter, Enblue, SureShot HD, and more.

Then, they bussed us back just in time for

Sweet Suite 2017

The Sweets at SweetSuite17

Sweet Suite 2017 was brought to us by The Toy Insider – and it was filled with toys and sweets.

We were treated to a buffet style finger food dinner with some delicious desserts.

But taking main stage were all the toy companies and what they have in store for this upcoming holiday season.

From tots to teens – there was something for all ages, which I was really happy to see.

My kids are teenagers and it can be hard to find them gifts for the holidays.

I found some great options in 3D printing pens, games, virtual reality (so cool!) and more.

There was so much to see but I visited booths from Alex Brands, Zing, 3Doodler, Merge Virtual Reality, Mindware, Yum Earth, Winning Moves Games, Sunny Days Entertainment, and so many more.

Sweet Suite 2017 - new toys to watch for

Why You Should Attend A Blogging Conference

One of the best and most comprehensive blogging courses that I have ever taken, Elite Blog Academy, stresses the importance of networking with other bloggers.

You really need a tribe to support you and help your blog grow.

And what better place to meet other bloggers than at a blogging conference?

At Blogger Bash NYC 2017 I connected with:

Overall It Was a Fun and Tiring Day

By the time I got home I was exhausted!

Blogger Bash 2017 offered so much to see and do, and so many connections to make.

Not only did I connect with many brands – I also met some great bloggers that I hope to keep in touch with for years to come.

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Olive Wagar

Thursday 1st of February 2018

Just discovered a goal for 2018!! I have been blogging for 3 years, but never have attended a conference just for bloggers. Thanks for the recap!!

Neena Nandagopal

Saturday 3rd of February 2018

Hi Olive, I enjoy conferences for bloggers because everyone there "gets" what you do. Other types of conferences are great, too. But people generally look at blogging as a hobby, not an avenue to income. I'm happy to hear that I this post inspired one of your 2018 goals!

Janet Barclay

Monday 8th of January 2018

It sounds amazing, but I have to admit I got tired just reading about it! I went to She's Connected in Toronto in 2012, and I agree that it's worth attending this type of event. Unfortunately, I've lost touch with everyone I met there, but it was a great experience. I met lots of interesting people and discovered a lot of interesting companies and products. Lots of great freebies too!

Neena Nandagopal

Wednesday 10th of January 2018

Hi Janet,

It was a busy week, for sure. But lots of fun!

Conferences are great for all the reasons you mention. I like them, too, because they get me out from behind my computer - which is where I spend way too much time. ;-)

Donna Marie

Friday 14th of July 2017

How lovely that we met! I agree Neena, networking is possibly the BEST reason to attend these conferences. I am hoping Blogger Bash is not the last time our paths cross. Thank you for the inclusion in this perfect snapshot!

Neena Nandagopal

Saturday 15th of July 2017

Hi Donna, We should absolutely keep in touch!

Lisa Cameron

Friday 14th of July 2017

Thanks for your detailed recap. It was a lot of fun, but a lot to take it. It was great connecting with you. Thanks also for the shout out!

Neena Nandagopal

Saturday 15th of July 2017

Hi Lisa, It was nice meeting you, too!