Is Blogging About Your Personal Life Causing Family Friction?

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Blogging about your personal life can be uncomfortable for some people yet very natural for others.

Blogging about your personal life - is it necessary for creating great blog content or will you alienate your family?

I read an interesting thread in a Facebook group recently.

A blogger set off a bit of a family feud by writing a post that mentioned her in-laws.

What she wrote was not at all inflammatory – so she was quite surprised that they reacted so strongly.

It goes to show that people have different levels of comfort when it comes to privacy – especially on the internet.

So, how much do you feel comfortable sharing and how much should you actually share on your blog?

Here are a few guidelines:

What are You Comfortable With Sharing?

The best place to start when blogging about your personal life – is with YOU.

How much do you want to share about your

  • thoughts,
  • family,
  • home,
  • travels,
  • feelings,

you get the picture.

Consider Your Place of Work

If you work “outside” the home (read for someone else) –

How does your employer feel about your blog?

Times have changed, I know – but in the past bloggers have been fired.

It's been a long time, but those of us that have been around remember the big Dooce fiasco.

More recently, Fernando Bryant was fired from his job as a football coach at a Christian high school.

His crime?

His wife posted a photo of him holding an alcoholic beverage on Facebook.

How Does Your Family Feel About Being in the Limelight?

Sometimes, people don't see eye to eye.

Your husband (or your in-laws) may not want their personal stories and photos shared online.

People can be fiercely private.

They might not want their friends, relatives, or employers to know certain things about them.

Your Kids May Not Appreciate Your Stories

Let's face it – kids make for great blog content.

They say clever things. They behave and misbehave.

And they are really cute.

But they grow up.

And their teenage or grown-up self may not appreciate the stories that you shared on your blog.

What you may think as a shareworthy story today may be fodder for a schoolyard bully down the road.

Do You Really Want to Share Your Location?

Traveling is a great topic to blog about.

But while you are sharing really useful information – you are also broadcasting the fact that you are not at home.

I know some bloggers don't worry about this at all.

Others will post their travels only after they get back.

Be Futuristic in Your Thinking

Blogging about your personal life may not be an issue for you now.

You may be self-employed. Your children may be small.

But remember, it is really hard to take back what you put out there on the internet.

One day your situation may change and you may wish you never wrote that certain something.

Think About Other Options for Sharing

If blogging about your personal life is something that you really want to do you might want to think about other options for sharing.

Send It Via Email Only

Perhaps you might want to share that story in your email newsletter instead.

It's certainly still “out there” but instead of sharing it with the world – you are just sharing it with the people that specifically signed up to hear from you – or even to a specific segment.

Include It As Part of a Course or Webinar

Once again, you can narrow your audience by sharing personal anecdotes in your courses or private webinars instead of putting it in front of the entire internet.

So tell me …

Blogging About Your Personal Life – Yay or nay?

Do you write about personal stuff on your blog? Have you had an experience that you can share with us, either good or bad?

Has blogging about your personal life made a difference with your audience? Do you have more traffic as a result?

Please leave a comment and share your thoughts.

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Blogging about your personal life - is it necessary for creating great blog content or will you alienate your family?

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