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Genesis for WordPress Review – Why It Is a Good Choice for Your Blog

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With so many free WordPress themes out there – why should you choose the Genesis Framework for WordPress?

Personally I have been using this framework for almost as long as I have been blogging for the many reasons.

Reasons to Use the Genesis framework

  • The StudioPress and WPEngine (the developers) reputation is top notch
  • The Genesis framework is continuously updated and supported
  • Customer service is excellent
  • The framework is SEO optimized
  • Security is a priority
  • There are many child themes to choose from
  • It is easy to change child themes
  • It is Gutenberg ready

I know that when you first start a blog, your budget is tight.

You are already paying for blog hosting (I use BigScoots for this).

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So, it is tempting to cut corners and go with a free WordPress theme to get the ball rolling.

The Genesis framework and its child themes are not free. They are premium themes and come with a price.

However, remember that you often get what you pay for.

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Both StudioPress and WPEngine Have Rock Solid Reputations

The developer of this framework is StudioPress (which was recently bought by WPEngine). Both companies are known in the WordPress and blogging industry for their quality.

Both companies have been around for a long time and have built strong businesses around WordPress.

The Genesis Framework is Continuously Developed and Supported

The continuous development of the Genesis Framework is a business priority for the developers.

WordPress is constantly changing.

One of the biggest changes in WordPress history happened quite recently with the rollout of the Gutenberg block editor.

This new version of WordPress was a drastic change from the previous Classic editor.

Theme and plugin developers had to scramble to make sure that their products were compatible with this new version of WordPress.

In fact, many developers abandoned their products because they just didn’t have the time, money, or knowledge to bring their product up to speed.

Because I know that Genesis is kept up to date, I had no troubles updating to Gutenberg, which – when you think about it – saved me a lot of time and headache.

I look at the cost of the Genesis Framework as an investment in my blogging business and not just an expense.

How to Get the Genesis Framework for “Free”

If you really want to get the Genesis Framework for free – you should consider using one of the blog hosting plans at WPEngine. The Genesis Framework and all the StudioPress child themes are included with this hosting.

Excellent Customer Service

Hopefully you won’t ever need to contact customer service for your theme – but let’s face it, no matter how good the product is you probably will need to reach out every once in a while.

On the few occasions that I have needed help with the framework, I have found the customer service at StudioPress to be knowledgable and responsive.

It is very reassuring to know that someone is there at the ready to help you out.

The Genesis Framework is SEO Optimized

The search engines look at over 200 factors to figure out where to put your content in their search results.

Some of this is within your control – like the content that you write.

But some of those factors look at what is happening behind the scenes. They look for things like clean code and good site architecture – which the Genesis Framework has.

Genesis also supports Schema.org – which is way over my head to explain, but which apparently makes a difference for the search engines.

I’m just happy to know that it is taken care of.

Security is a Priority

One of the reasons why there are so many updates to both WordPress and the Genesis Framework is to keep things secure.

Everything online is subject to being hacked (honestly, if all the hackers out there focused their time and talents on doing good in the world, there would be a cure for everything that plagues us).

StudioPress is constantly monitoring the framework with updates to keep out malicious code.

There are Many Child Themes to Choose From

The Genesis Framework does not come with a child theme, but you do need to use one to make your site look pretty.

There are so many options in child themes out there – both from StudioPress and from third parties.

No matter what your industry or business model, you are sure to be able to find just the right one for you.

It Is Easy to Change Child Themes

With so many choices, I find it hard to stick with just one.

On this blog, I am using the Brunch Pro Theme – which I am really loving.

However, these are also some great child themes that run on the Genesis Framework:

The point that I am making here is that it relatively easy (maybe too easy) to change the look of your site when you use the Genesis Framework.

It is Gutenberg Ready

If you haven’t tried out the Gutenberg editor in WordPress yet – you really should.

I resisted for awhile because I am a creature of habit – but now that I switched over, I really enjoy creating posts with it.

For me, the change was seamless thanks in large part to the Genesis Framework.

Why Choose the Genesis Framework

I have outlined many reasons why you would want to choose Genesis for WordPress – from great support to SEO advantages.

But the underlying factor is really peace of mind.

The main reason that I chose Genesis is that I don’t need to worry about the thing that powers my blog day in and day out.

For me, that’s worth it.

Happy Blogging!

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