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Dessert Recipes

Cookies, and cakes, and pies – oh my! Here are some dessert recipes to tempt your sweet tooth.

The best thing about homemade desserts is the love and care that go into making them.

I don’t make baked goods all the time (because I would probably eat the whole batch in one sitting! ;-) ) so it’s usually to celebrate a special occasion.

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vanilla ice cream cake half

Vanilla Ice Cream Cake Recipe

This vanilla ice cream cake recipe is so easy to make – complete with chocolate crunchies and all. In December, we have a few birthdays to celebrate. Since my family prefers ice cream cake over regular birthday cake, I usually buy one from the supermarket or our local ice cream store. But as this past …

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This soynut butter cookie recipe is a great alternative for people that have a peanut allergy.

Soynut Butter Cookie Recipe

This soynut butter cookie recipe is as good as it gets and it’s a great alternative to peanut butter cookies for people that have a peanut allergy. As a peanut butter cookie lover, I have to say that the texture of these soynut butter cookies is little different. These cookies have more of a, well, …

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I can't believe how easy it is to make toasted coconut. Here is the recipe. Your friends will be impressed.

Toasted Coconut Recipe

Last week I made a recipe that called for toasted coconut for my son’s graduation. I had never made toasted coconut before (believe it or not) and actually never gave it much thought. The fact is – it is really, super easy to make. I never realized the many ways that I could use toasted …

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healthy apple coffee cake recipe

Apple Coffee Cake Recipe

I have been making this Apple Coffee Cake Recipe for years and it is one of my favorites. You know what I’m saying? This recipe is perfect for an after dinner treat. The process is simple. THE CRUMBLE TOPPING I like to make the crumble topping first so it is ready to sprinkle on top …

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