Carrot Shaped Easter Treat Boxes to Make on a Cricut

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These super cute carrot shaped Easter Treat Boxes are perfect for kids of any age (yes – grown children too!).

This year I am making them not only for my own kids but for my son’s college roommates as well.

Why not, right?

If you would like to make boxes like this too – then these are the the things that I used.

carrot shaped treat boxes in a basket

What You Need

To make these carrot shaped treat boxes – I simply used this pattern which is included in my Cricut Access subscription.

To make 6 boxes you will need:

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A Few Words About the Card Stock

First, because this is a treat box – you will want to use a sturdy card stock to make this project.

Don’t use a lower weight patterned paper because it might not hold up.

Second, to conserve paper, I made 3 carrot boxes in with a dark orange on the outside and light orange on the inside and 3 boxes with the opposite combination – light orange on the outside and dark orange on the inside.

You can cut one outside pattern and one inside pattern from one 12×12 sheet of paper.

So, if you are making 2 boxes or 4 boxes you will need 2 sheets of paper – but for 6 you will need three – if that makes sense.

Cut the Pattern

To make these boxes, I did not modify the pattern from Cricut Access in any way.

I simply loaded it into Cricut Design Space and set the number of copies and let the Cricut do it’s thing.

Like I mentioned above, I cut the outside pattern from all 6 pieces of 12×12 cardstock.

Then, for the inside patterns I reloaded the same papers but turned the card stock so the uncut part of the paper was in position to receive the new cuts.

This gave me 3 outside patterns in dark orange and 3 in light orange, and 3 inside patterns in dark orange and 3 in light orange.

Assembling the Carrot Shaped Easter Treat Boxes

Assembling this project is pretty straightforward but a little tricky at the same time.

You need to glue the triangular inside pieces on the inner surface of the outside piece.

This outside piece has a lot of open rectangular cutouts – so there is not much space for your glue.

I opted to use Elmer’s clear non-toxic glue for a few reasons.

First – it’s non-toxic (and according to gluereview.com it is food safe – but I still use a plastic snack baggie to corral the treats inside).

Second, it does dry clear and inevitably some glue is going to ooze out of those rectangular cuts.

Once you have glued the inside pieces to the outside and let them dry, you can fold the treat box along the score lines.

Then use a glue stick along the side panel and glue the box into place.

I use a glue stick for this because the clear glue takes too long to dry and is not as tacky.

Hold the box in shape until the glue dries enough to keep the box closed.

At this point the top of your carrot will still be open.

Fill Your Treat Boxes

Once all of the glue has dried you can fill your treat boxes.

If you trust the food safety-ness of your glue and paper – then you can simply fill the box with your jelly beans or small Easter candies.

Or, you can put your treats in a Zip-Loc style snack bag and slide the filled bag into the carrot shaped treat box.

Glue on the Leaves

Once your boxes are filled, glue the leaf shaped pieces that you cut from the green paper onto the orange tabs on top of each carrot with a glue stick. You will need two leaf shapes for each box.

Remember this! Glue the leaves onto the INSIDE of the orange tabs – see the open light orange carrot box in the image above.

When you close the box, the leaves will end up on the outside – see the closed dark orange box in the image above.

Let the glue dry.

The slide the top tabs closed – there are cuts that on each tab that slide together to shut the box.

Put Them In The Easter Basket

Now all there is left to do is slip these cuties into your cuties Easter Baskets.

So fun!

Now the real question is – how can you photograph these Cricut carrot treat boxes without eating all the jellybeans yourself?

I need to know.

And in case you were wondering – because jellybeans can be hit or miss – these were a mix of the Starburst Very Berry Jelly Beans and the Sour Patch Watermelon Jelly Beans.

A total HIT – the sweet from the Starburst and the sour from the Sour Patch complemented each other perfectly.

Have a happy Easter holiday!

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