Elite Blog Academy 4.0 – 7 FREE Resources You Can Download Right Now!

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Elite Blog Academy is one of the best blogging courses that I have ever taken – and believe me, I have been a student of many.

Ruth Soukup, the founder, started out as a lifestyle blogger and developed Elite Blog Academy share her knowledge and to teach others how to succeed at blogging.

Short On Time? Here's the Quick List of EBA Freebies

  1. 120 Awesome Blog Post Ideas
  2. The Secret Blueprint to Blogging Success
  3. 8 Bad Blogging Habits & How to Break Them
  4. The New Blogger's Guide to Guest Posting
  5. The Blog Structure Blueprint
  6. 10 Steps to Take When Your Blog Post Goes Viral
  7. 7 Surefire Ways to Boost Your Blogging Income Overnight

Unfortunately, the doors to the course only open once a year. (you can get on the waitlist here)

But the good thing is that Ruth offers some amazing blogging freebies all year round that you can use to grow your blog.

Even though I am a student in Elite Blog Academy, I always get the freebies as well – because they are THAT useful.

Here are a few that are available right now – feel free to download the ones that are most relevant to you.

Elite Blog Academy Freebies You Can Download Right Now

120 Awesome Blog Post Ideas

This list of 120 Awesome Blog Post Ideas is one of my favorite EBA freebies.

Coming up with great content ideas is a daily struggle for me. So, I keep a printout of this list (sometime I just go old school) right next to my computer for when I need a dose of blogging inspiration.

The Secret Blueprint to Blogging Success

Use the Secret Blueprint to Blogging Success to develop your own successful blogging plan.

The secret to successful blogging is to learn from someone who has been there and done that.

Ruth has created her own successful lifestyle blog – so when she offers her secrets, I listen.

8 Bad Blogging Habits & How To Break them

Who doesn't have bad blogging habits, right?

Download this free resource to help you identify the habits that are getting in the way of your blogging success.

I can't even tell you how many bad blogging habits I have.

I think we all do.

This free helps you recognize your own self-sabotaging behaviors and gives you guidance on how to get past those obstacles.

The New Blogger's Guide to Guest Posting

The New Blogger's Guide To Guest Posting from Elite Blog Academy will show you how to get your articles featured on other reputable blogs.

Guest posting is a great way to gain exposure for you blog. It is something that I don't do often enough.

You can also use guest posting to feature other blogger's on your own site. This free blogging guide gives you tips on how to do it right.

The Blog Structure BluePrinT

The Blog Structure Blueprint is another one of my favorite Elite Blog Academy Freebies.

As someone who is kinda, sorta, completely obsessed with the concept of getting organized – this one is right up my alley.

When you blog about a variety of topics it is really hard to organize your blog in a way that makes sense to your readers.

This blueprint helps you with that.

10 Steps To Take When Your Blog Post Goes Viral

This free resource helps you make the most of a viral blog post.

A viral blog post may seem like a good thing – until it actually happens to you. When your traffic spikes, you are usually not prepared.

First, you may push the limits of your blog hosting plan and your site could go down.

Second, to ride the blog traffic wave – there are things that you can do to your post to increase your revenue and also keep your new visitors on your website. This list can be your life saver.

7 SureFire Ways to Boost Your Blog Income Overnight

Want to make money blogging? Yes you do. Download this roadmap for boosting your blogging income.

If you don't make money blogging, then you have a hobby not a business. Use these ideas to boost your income from your blog.

Download One or Download Them All

Elite Blog Academy is a fantastic blogging course and is something that you should explore.

Regardless of whether you enroll, take advantage of value packed blogging freebies that they offer.

You will learn a lot and also improve your blog.

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