How to Build Strategic Partnerships With Other Bloggers

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One of the best things you can do to grow your blog is to build strategic partnerships with other bloggers. But how do you find other bloggers to partner up with? Here are some ideas.

What is a Strategic Partner?

When it comes to blogging, a strategic partner can be someone who is your niche.

But you can also create strategic partnerships with persons who are in RELATED niches.

The best partners are people who have an audience that is interested in what you have to offer.

For example, if you are a DIY blogger a good strategic partner for you could be an

  • arts and crafts store owner,
  • a yarn supplier,
  • or a woodworking shop.

If you are a food blogger a good strategic partner for you could be a kitchen supply or a spice store or brand.

In fact, a DIY blogger would also be a good fit – many readers that are interested in DIY also like to cook.

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Why You Want to Build Strategic Partnerships

Connecting with a strategic partner can help pave your road to blogging success.

When someone shares your information with their audience you are gaining great exposure for your brand.

Likewise, you can help another blogger out in the same manner.

Your strategic partners are your team.

How to Find a Strategic Partner for Your Blog

Finding a good strategic partner is a lot easier than you think.

Your biggest roadblock is probably … YOU!

It can be hard to reach out and get to know someone over the internet.

Some people may not even respond to you no matter how hard you try.

You have to develop a thick skin, try not to get discouraged, and just authentically be yourself.

Your efforts will pay off.

Where To Start Looking

Start With a Google Search

Google your keywords to begin your research into building strategic partnerships that fit your niche.

If you are an accountant in Topeka – then Google those terms.

But don’t stop there.

Search for Topeka lawyers, financial planners, insurance agents and anyone else that has a field that is related to yours.

Don’t forget to research your biggest customers as well.

These are your fans – and they would probably be more than happy to be a strategic partner with you.

Make a list or a spreadsheet as you go along.

Look on Social Media

A good strategic partner for your blog will be very active online.

Look for active conversations on Twitter, in Facebook groups, and anywhere you hang out online and PARTICIPATE.

Evaluate people based on some of the following points:

  • Do they post good, helpful information?
  • Do they actively post online?
  • Is their blog updated?
  • Do they have an engaged following (people that comment on their blogs and social profiles)?
  • Are they sharing other people’s stuff – not just their own?
  • Are they involved in your community offline?
  • What organizations do they support?

Decide If the Person Is A Good Fit

It may seem selfish but building a strategic partnership takes time.

You are not only looking for what someone can do for you – but also what you can do for them.

So, you want to invest your time wisely.

I am not saying that you should only interact with the expectation of getting something in return – but it is no fun talking to yourself.

You are looking for people that want to have a conversation with you, that are open to both giving and receiving.

People that are evangelists, who share consistently, promote other businesses, and support others in their own niche are the kind of people that you want to meet AND learn from.

Making a connection with this type of a person will benefit your blog.

A good strategic partner does not have to be a big name or have a massive following, either.

Many of the best strategic partnerships happen between people that are at a similar spot in their blogging journey.

If you are just starting out – look for other people that are also just setting themselves up or that might be one or two steps ahead of you.

Make Sure Your Blog is Ready to Impress

Before you reach out to the influencers on your list – it is a good idea to make sure your blog is dressed to impress.

The people that you reach out to are going to check you out.

If your blog is disorganized, full of ads and not much content – no one will want to partner up with you.

Start to Connect With Influencers

Once you’ve identified a list of potential influencers, it’s time to connect.

Share their content, comment on their blog posts, reply to their social media posts.

After you have had some interactions – you can reach out on a more personal level.

Introduce yourself, give them a compliment on something that has impressed you, and let them know why you are getting in touch.

Important! BE An Influencer Too

You might not feel like it – especially if you are a beginner blogger – but you can be an influencer too.

No matter what size of a following you have – if you BE the person you want to attract, you will have a better chance of gaining their attention.

Do these things:

  • share their blog post with YOUR social circles,
  • invite them to write an article for your blog,
  • ask them for an interview or to be on your podcast,
  • co-host a webinar with them, etc.

Learning how to build strategic partnerships with other bloggers is easy – if you are a good partner first!

How Do You Find Strategic Partners For Your Business?

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