How to Unlock Your Full Potential Using Free Personality Tests

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The workplace is an entirely different story, though.

Unlock your full potential and achieve career satisfaction with free personality tests.

At work, we are rewarded for our individuality and creative thinking.

But if we don't understand who we truly are, we could get stuck in a mind-numbing career that stunts our personal growth.

Sound familiar?

Then you have to download this app from Good&Co and take their free personality tests (the app is free, too)


This could actually be your key to workplace happiness.

How Free Personality Tests Can Help You at Work

By using this app to understand your own personality, you will be able to:

  • choose a job, career, or tasks that build on your talents
  • improve your interactions with coworkers and clients
  • understand why certain tasks don't appeal to you and find strategies to make them more palatable
  • create well-rounded teams with people that complement each other

The Good&Co App Makes It Easy

Using the Good&Co App

The Good&Co app is fun to use.

Because it is online and free, you can download it on your phone and take the tests wherever you are.

The results are simple to understand – there are no complicated bar charts and graphs to interpret.

What you get is instantaneous feedback that will help you achieve your career goals.

Why wouldn't you?

All The Bigwigs Do It

A few years ago I took a business course to help me grow my blog.

As part of the course we had to take a few personality tests – and we had to pay a lot of money for them.

The results were definitely eye opening.

Yes – I was better able to understand my own quirkiness.

But I was also able to use the information to structure my day and my tasks in a way that gelled with my personality.

Since then, I find that I procrastinate less and get more done because I know more about me.

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Use Personality Tests to Delegate What You Don't Like

In this business course, I learned that you can use personality tests to delegate tasks that don't play on your strengths.

I used to feel bad about passing off what I thought of as the “yucky” tasks.

But here's the thing – some of those tasks were only yucky to me!

Other people were actually strong in those areas and enjoyed doing that kind of stuff.

Imagine that.

Personality Tests Will Help You Build a Balanced Team

The business coach that I worked with actually had her entire team take personality tests.

This way she could assemble a team of people that had different strengths.

Some people would be detail oriented others shined in strategy and high-level thinking.

It helped her to assign the right person to the right job and keep everyone happy in the process.

Take Quizzes to Learn About Yourself

This is my strengths card:

My Good&Co Strengths card

Some examples of Good&Co quizzes include:

  • What are Your Unique Strengths?
  • How Do You Come Across to Others?
  • What are Your Networking Strengths?
  • What is Your Approach to Getting Things Done?
  • What Kind of CoWorker are You?
  • What is Your Spirit Animal?

Good&Co Brings The Power of Personality Tests to You

The Good&Co app eliminates the cost barrier and brings free personality tests right to your fingertips.

Use it to learn more about your own strengths, the personalities of those around you, and the qualities that a variety of companies value.

Most importantly, use it to improve your own job satisfaction and find joy in what you do every single day.

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