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Why You are Not Comfortable on Camera and What You Can Do About It

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As a blogger, you need to get comfortable on camera. Video is here to stay. This is how to get rid of your fear of doing video once and for all.

Camera Shy? This Course Can Help

Maybe you started blogging because you like to write.

I know, you are laughing.

Blogging has not been about just writing for a really long time.

It has evolved in many ways.

People not only want to read your words – but they now want to see, hear, and get to know the person behind the blog.

The best way to give your audience what they want is by creating video.

But if you are camera shy then it is really hard to put yourself out there.

So, lets take a closer look at why you aren't comfortable on camera and what you can do about overcoming your fears.

What is Holding You Back from Doing Video?

Seriously, dig down deep and answer the question – what are you feeling inside that is keeping you from creating videos for your blog?

Be honest with yourself.

Some common concerns are:

  • I don't like the way I look on camera.
  • People that I actually know might see me.
  • I don't know what to say.
  • I don't have the right equipment or knowledge/skills to put up a video.

If your own concern isn't listed – please add it in the comments below.

Every one of the above points are valid – but they are also easily addressed.

1. I Don't Like The Way I Look

You are not alone on this one.

In fact, I don't think I know anyone that really likes the way they look.

I was talking with a client of mine who is young and beautiful (inside and out) and this was one of her concerns – which surprised me.

I didn't say it – but I was thinking – if a forty something year old like me (with wrinkles, gray hairs, and all can get comfortable on camera) then you can do it, too.

But her reservations were real – and making light of them is not the solution.

A better way to tackle this is to prepare for your big debut.

  • Wear an outfit that you like.
  • Get a haircut.
  • Do your nails.
  • Do whatever it is that makes you feel good about yourself to prepare for your video.

If your indoor lighting isn't great – take your video outside on a gorgeous day.

Pump up your self confidence and then just do it.

This strategy also works – and I don't mean to come off as snobbish:

Go and watch some popular YouTube videos in your niche that are created by average looking people.

When you watch people who are similar to yourself on video you get the feeling that – hey, if they can do this, I can do it, too.

2. People That I Actually Know Might See Me

Oh yes – the fear of being judged.

We all experience that.

My daughter is a beautiful ballet dancer.

Recently she performed a solo at a summer dance program that she was involved with.

The day before the performance she asked me, ”Do you (meaning our family) have to come to watch me?”

I was floored to realize that she was nervous and she did not want us to come to watch her.

Her fear was that if she made a mistake – if her performance was not perfect – we might judge her.

Yet we are the people that love her the most – the ones who are here not to judge, but to support her through those mistakes and cheer her on.

I tried to explain it and hope that I did a good job.

The scenario for doing video for your business is much the same.

Instead of being afraid that people you know might actually see you – embrace it!

Think of it as a good thing.

The people that you know already like you.

And chances are, they are pretty darn impressed that you are putting yourself out there, mistakes and all.

Sadly, there are people in this world that will judge and criticize – but are you really going to limit yourself due to their negativity?


Focus on the positive.

There are plenty of people that you know who are ready to support you.

Don't spend your time and energy on the rest, you will likely never convince them anyway.

The concept is very similar to the one on how to build strategic partnerships with other bloggers.

Just find your tribe.

3. I Don't Know What To Say

You might not consider yourself to be an expert on your subject – but you know more than you think.

So pick a topic in your field and explain it.

Typically your videos should be short and to the point – so you don't need hours of material.

Then create an outline and do a dry run.

You might be more comfortable on camera if you have a cheat sheet or teleprompter behind the lens.

Holding notecards during a video is kind of awkward – so here is a ninja tip: write your outline on large sticky notes and stick them on the wall (or some type of vertical object – think photo frame on a table or a hardback book standing up) behind your camera.

Make sure these cheat sheets are close enough for you to read.

4. I Don't Have the Equipment or Technical Skills

You really don't need special equipment to create video for your blog.

If you have a smart phone, which most people do – then you are good to go.

Indirect sunlight is the most flattering, so when the weather is good take advantage of the outdoors.

Prop your phone up, use a tripod, or even a selfie stick and hit record.

In iOS you can use iMovie to edit your clip if you have to – and then just upload it straight to YouTube or Facebook.

If you put it on YouTube you can grab the embed code and put it in a post on your blog.

However, if technical skills are not your strong point – just grab anyone under the age of 20 to show you the ropes or to do it for you. 😉

As you become more comfortable on camera your confidence will grow.

You may expand your equipment list to include things like a tripod, a clip on microphone, lighting, and props.

But don't let your fear of doing video take hold because you don't have a perfect recording studio.

Practice Makes Perfect

You can go live with your first try as I did with mine – or you can do a few practice runs.

Pick a couple of friends that are also getting the hang of doing video and practice with each other.

Need a Little More Help?

Your competitors are already doing video and they are building relationships with customers both online and offline.

They are cementing the know, like, and trust factor.

If you continue to give in to your fear, your potential customers will give their business to someone else.

Donna Merrill has a great article on how to make the first video for your blog where she offers some excellent tips on how to get started.

Just Put It Out There

When I originally published this post I created a video to go along with it.

And yes – it is cringe-worthy. But I will put it here to show you that sometimes you just need to to put it out there so you can move onto the next one.

Are You Comfortable on Camera?

What did you do to overcome your fear? Tell us in the comments below.

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