Jif Whips vs. Regular Jif Peanut Butter

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I am a huge fan of Jif peanut butter – creamy. So, when I saw Jif Whips on the grocery store shelf, I couldn't resist giving it a try. Which one do I prefer? You'll have to read to find out!

Jif whips - have you tried it?

What's the Difference Between Jif and Jif Whips?

I could describer the differences between Jif Whips and regular Jif peanut butter, but a picture is worth a thousand words.

So, I took a few photos to give you a better idea.

The first thing I did was peel off the protective wrap and look into the tub.

This is how Jif Whips looks untouched:

jif whips first opened

You can see that it almost looks like a chunky peanut butter.

But, in fact, the rough surface is caused by air bubbles that were probably created by the whipping process.

How Does Jif Whips Taste Compared to Regular Jif?

So how does this new member of the family stack up to the original?

The proof is in the pudding, so I assembled a few things for a little taste test.

Jif Whips taste test

I love peanut butter on toast – so a few pieces of toast and we're all set!

regular jif vs jif whips

Forgive my amateur photography skills.

If you like peanut butter, the real thing actually does look appetizing.

The point here is for you to see the airy-ness of the Whips vs the more dense texture of regular Jif peanut butter.

The difference is also obvious once I spread a portion of each type out on the toast.

regular jif vs jif whips on toast

Again, you can see the denser texture of regular Jif on the left and the airy quality of the Jif Whips on the right.

The Winner

jif regular

Drumroll please … the winner is the original Jif – at least for me.

I wish I could offer you a taste of each as well.

I found regular Jif to have a more robust peanutty taste than the Whips.

While the Jif Whips tastes good, I felt myself craving a bit of a stronger flavor.

However, Jif Whips has a definite advantage over the regular variety – especially if you happen to be counting calories.

Read this little blurb:

jif whips has less calories

You read it right – this new product has 25 percent less calories and fat than the original version.

That is obviously due to the nature of whipped products.

Whenever you infuse air into a product you are essentially replacing some of the original volume with air.

Air has no calories and no fat.

At least, that is my theory.

Have You Tried It?

Have you tried Jif Whips? What did you think?

You can find many options for purchasing both original Jif and Jif Whips on Amazon.com.


Let it be known that I have done this review entirely on my own accord.

The folks at Jif, up until now, have never heard of me.

I purchased the product at my local grocery store and thought it would be fun to tell you all about it.

All opinions expressed here are mine alone.


Calling all Jif peanut butter fans - have you tried Jif Whips? A fun comparison between the original and the new kid on the block.

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  1. Personally I prefer the whipped version. it is so much easier to spread on fresh bread and you don’t get up to your elbos trying to get it out of a jar. The taste doesn’t seem to be different to me. Unfortunately it seems like it is being discontinued. I’m having a hard time finding it and it doesnt show up in the big web site.

    1. Hi Donna,
      I also noticed that I haven’t seen Jif Whips on the shelves in a while. It’s too bad – because it was good. You make a good point about it being easier to spread as well. If I see it anywhere, I will let you know!

  2. But wait! The label shows the weight is 15oz. So, 15oz is 15oz is 15oz – do you get what I mean? Are you still getting 15oz, it’s just whipped?

    1. Hi Kelly,

      You are right – 15 oz is 15 oz. My point was that it seemed lighter than the Jif regular.

      Personally, I prefer the regular Jif – so I no longer have a container of each to compare.

      Will take a look next time I head to the grocery store, though.

  3. I hate to burst the Jif Whips bubble…. but it is safe to assert that the only reason there is 25% less calories in Jif Whips is because there is 25% less peanut butter…. all those air bubbles take up a lot of volume of empty space where there is no peanut butter, so if it did not have the air bubbles, like the regular peanut butter, then it would probably only take up 2/3-3/4 of the volume it has when there are air bubbles… basically this product might as well be called Jif “Jips” because they are making you pay more for less food… It is basically a rip off and a marketing gimmick, and it is not necessarily “healthier” for you because it has “lower calories”… it is the same old stuff, just less of it.

    1. Hi Elizabeth,
      I believe you are right, the secret ingredient in Jif Whips is air. I am a fan of the original.

  4. Hey Neena,

    I’m not a Jif lover, I’m a Peter Pan woman myself but I do prefer the creamy and eat it everyday. Yep, I do love my peanut butter.

    Now the first thing I saw too was that it looked lighter and I assumed it meant they had reduced some calories from it. After you spread it on the bread I definitely liked the texture of the original better. I love the flavor of peanut butter so I probably would be disappointed with the taste as well.

    Thanks for sharing this with us so now I’ll know not to try that out myself.


    1. Adrienne,
      I am not giving up on the original either.
      I am glad that the texture came across in the picture. I have been experimenting with photography – not a strong suit of mine, and this was one post that I had a lot of fun with.
      Thanks for stopping in. It is always a pleasure hearing from you!

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