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Practical iPhone Cases That Do Their Job

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My daughter is not a fan of Otterbox iPhone cases. She loves ridiculously cute iPhone cases like the Panda case shown above.

For years, I let her use them. Being the youngest of four kids, she always had a hand-me-down phone that was on it's last legs anyway.

Well, the very last hand-me-down met it's unfortunate demise in a toilet.

It happens. (Although if you ask her – the story will include a pond or a puddle. Anything BUT the toilet.)

Not that it matters – the end result was the same.

So, for the very first time – my daughter found herself in possession of a brand new iPhone SE.

Like any good mother, I insisted that she get an iPhone case to protect that investment.

But none of the iPhone cases at the Apple Store appealed to her.

Why? Because they were too boring. Way too practical.

She wanted a glittery five dollar number from Amazon. Sheesh.

So, again, like any good mother, I put my foot down and insisted on Otterbox.

Why Otterbox iPhone Cases?

I know that there are a lot of very protective iPhone cases on the market. But in my many years of owning iPhones, I have found the Otterbox Symmetry cases to add a good amount of protection without adding too much bulk.

No iPhone case is going to protect against every mishap – you do have to be careful with your stuff.

But Otterbox iPhone cases have a reputation for taking care of the phone within. I use one on my iPhone and my son has one on his phone too.

What I like the most about the Symmetry model is the protective edge that comes around the front rim of the phone. It covers all of the corners and if the iPhone is face down, this rim keeps the screen from touching the surface underneath.

The Downside

The problem, if you can call it that, with Otterbox iPhone cases is that they don't come in very many fun patterns. There are no rainbows and unicorns on Otterbox, rather they look like the workhorses that they are.

It's a shame because it would be great if the cases came in patterns that appealed to the demographic that needs them most – kids and teens. Parents could breathe a sigh of relief and iPhone repair shops everywhere would close their doors ;-).

A Few Good Ones

One of the prettier Otterbox iPhone cases is the Symmetry case in the roses pattern.Once in awhile Otterbox does come out with a few hit patterns. I bring this up because I was just on their website and I saw this beautiful case for the iPhone 7.


I am tempted to just snap it up even though I don't have an iPhone 7, because I don't think it will be around for long.

A few years ago, they had a  teal Otterbox Symmetry in a pretty watercolor pattern for iPhone 6 – and I can't find that one anywhere now.

Do you think this is a good reason to upgrade my iPhone?

Anyhow, for my daughter, we ended up getting this plain white and gray Otterbox Symmetry for the iPhone SE.

She won't tell you – but I think she likes it.

Keep This In Mind

If you end up choosing one of the Otterbox Symmetry iPhone cases, remember that they don't offer screen protection. We bought one of those impact resistant screen protectors right from the Apple Store.

Also note that Apple Store, unfortunately, does not carry Otterbox iPhone cases. We buy ours directly from

Other retailers do carry them but apparently, according to this article on there are counterfeits out there – and I quote:

Genuine OtterBox products are only available through reputable, authorized retailers. Cases purchased from sites like eBay or craigslist, or from unauthorized storefronts, flea markets or swap meets are always questionable. – only buy from stores that state: “Ships from and sold by” or “Ships from and sold by OtterBox

So, even though the price was a little higher, I felt better just buying our iPhone cases directly through the Otterbox website.

Your Favorite Cases?

Have you tried the Otterbox Symmetry iPhone cases? Tell us what you think in the comments below.


Just So You Know …

I wrote this post on my own accord. Otterbox has no idea who I am.

Also, I make no representations as to the effectiveness and protectiveness of any iPhone case – use your own judgment to make a decision. The black iPhone case that is in these photos is the Otterbox Symmetry. The panda case is just a really cute case that we had in the house and I have no idea how protective it might be.

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