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Why Blogging is Better than Social Media

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Why do you need a blog when posting to social media is quicker and you already have a big following?

If your audience on Facebook, LinkedIn, or Instagram is super engaged with your content, you might feel like there is no reason to bother with a website.

But here’s the thing – one little algorithm change and your online social life can go poof! – just like that.

You need to have a blog because:

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  • it is something that you own
  • it is better for SEO
  • it makes you look professional
  • you can use it to drive traffic to your social accounts and vice versa.

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You Need a Website Because You Own It

When you have a self hosted website – you own it.

It is yours.

Think of it this way – if you BUY a house, you will probably spend your own time and money to fix it up.

On the other hand, if you RENT a house, you most likely will leave it up to the landlord to make any improvements.

Your blog is a home that you own on the web.

All the content that you create for your blog – is yours.

Social media platforms – like Instagram, YouTube, Facebook, etc – are like space that you rent.

When you post content on those platforms, you give up a certain amount of control.

Those sites have algorithms that regulate how many people see what you post etc.

They can even take your profile down without warning.

Your content could get buried or disappear overnight.

A Blog is Better For SEO

Your own website is better for SEO, too.

When people Google your business, you want them to land on YOUR OWN website.

Here you will have:

  • a nice welcome message,
  • your about page,
  • FAQ’s,
  • your contact information,
  • photos,
  • videos,
  • your blog,
  • testimonials,
  • information about your products and services,
  • and lots of goodness that will compel your reader to spend time online exploring your content.

When people (who don’t know about you yet) search for general terms about what you write about – your social profile may never show up in the search results.

But your BLOG might – especially if offer valuable content about the tipic.

A Blog Makes You Look More Professional

Even if you are an Instagram influencer with a mega following – having your own blog will make you look more professional.

This could be a place for you to have

  • your media kit,
  • subscribe info for your email newsletter,
  • and anything else you want people to access about you.

Use Social Media To Drive Traffic to Your Blog and Vice Versa

Think about it like this ….

Imagine a picture of a wheel.

Your blog is the hub – smack dab in the middle – and all of your social media sites are the spokes.

The purpose of those social media sites and your newsletter is to drive traffic back to your blog.

So, you should write that great, juicy content on your own blog.

Then write “teasers” on your social media profiles to entice your audience to come see you at the “home” that you own.

Why You Want Followers to Come To Your Blog

The purpose of your online presence is to build relationships with your audience.

If a reader visits your Facebook page, they may spend a few seconds on your post and then move onto another item in their feed that was posted by somebody else.

They visit and then they are gone.

Just like that.

If a reader comes to your blog, they may scan that post and then move on to another post you have written.

They might

  • tweet,
  • share your articles on Facebook,
  • leave a comment,
  • contact you,
  • buy one of your products,
  • or click one of your affiliate links.

There are lots of possibilities with numerous outcomes.

And you are ROCKING your main goal of engaging your readers.

They are getting to know you.

The more that they learn and like about you, the more likely they are to come back and even purchase from you.

By putting out great information on a consistent basis, you are also elevating your status with your audience.

You will become known as an authority in your niche.

Which is exactly the result that you want.

The One Reason You Need A Place On the Web

It all really boils down to one reason that you need you your own place online and that is ENGAGEMENT.

You can make your blog whatever you want it to be – and that is exactly what your readers are looking for.

Happy Blogging!

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