2021 PicMonkey Pricing Guide

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You probably already know that PicMonkey is one of my favorite photo editors. I use it to create website graphics all the time. Over the years the PicMonkey pricing and plans have evolved. Here is how it looks for 2021.

How PicMonkey Has Changed Over Time

Today's PicMonkey looks nothing like the one from days of old.

Recently they totally revamped the whole platform and now you can do all kinds of cool things like:

The days of keeping your browser window open until you were completely satisfied with a project are long gone – thank goodness!

With all the new and upgraded features, PicMonkey has also upgraded their subscription plans.

There is no longer a PicMonkey free plan, although they do offer a free trial here.

And the old Royale plan is gone as well.

2021 PicMonkey Pricing Plans

PicMonkey pricing is now quite simple – you have three plans to choose from.

  • Basic
  • Pro
  • and Team.

You can view the PicMonkey Pricing Plans here – but the following is a summary.

The PicMonkey Basic Plan

This plan offers all of the photo editing features inside PicMonkey with the following features:

  • 1 gb of Hub storage
  • export files as JPG or PNG
  • use of all the PicMonkey fonts

At the time of this writing the cost of the PicMonkey Basic Plan is $72.00 (billed annually) or $7.99/month billed monthly.

The PicMonkey Pro Plan

The PicMonkey Pro Plan includes all the features of the Basic Plan plus

  • unlimited Hub storage
  • export files as JPG, PNG, and PDF
  • use of all PicMonkey fonts as well as custom fonts from your computer
  • iStock by Getty photo library
  • Smart Resize
  • Brand Kit
  • Background remover
  • Animation of elements
  • priority email support

At the time of this writing the cost of the PicMonkey Pro plan is $119.88 (billed annually) or $12.99/month billed monthly.

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The PicMonkey Team Plan

I won't get into the Team plan too much here.

Basically, it is for teams of 3 users or more and is billed at $8.33 per user – with a minimum price of $300 annually.

If you have a larger organization that all need to use PicMonkey then this one is for you.

Why I Chose PicMonkey Pro

Personally I am on the annual PicMonkey Pro Plan for a few reasons.

First, the unlimited Hub storage is so convenient.

I can store as many images and projects as I want and don't have to worry about limits.

Second, exporting files in PDF format means that you can use PicMonkey to create printables for your blog.

For bloggers, this is a great way to create freebies and lead magnets.

If you are not a blogger – you can use the PDF format to create flyers, party invitations, and other documents.

Third, I tend to download lots of pretty fonts from Creative Market to my computer – especially the free ones that they offer each week.

With the PicMonkey Pro plan you can use your own custom fonts in your projects, which is really nice.

PicMonkey vs. Photoshop

I have a son that went to college for digital media design and the gold standard among those digital types is Adobe Photoshop.

Try as I might, I find Photoshop to be really difficult to learn.

Sure – it is very powerful.

But I think that the learning curve is steep.

On the other hand, I think PicMonkey is very easy to use even if you don't have a lot of experience with graphic design.

PicMonkey offers some really good video tutorials as well, so you can be up and running in no time.

As a blogger, I don't want to spend a lot of time learning how to use a photo editor.

Rather I want to create as many images as I can in a short amount of time.

If I am using my own photos, I usually need to make a few adjustments to the lighting and exposure, crop the pictures, add overlays, and resize.

Alternatively, if I am using a stock photo, the lighting is already pretty good so I just need to work with overlays.

I don't need all the power that comes with Photoshop (don't get me wrong, PicMonkey is pretty powerful as well!)

And when it comes to Picmonkey pricing vs. Photoshop – well, they are somewhat similar.

You can get the Adobe Creative Cloud Photography plan for $9.99/month which is the same as the PicMonkey cost for the Pro Plan billed annually.

Since I opted for PicMonkey and only dabble with Photoshop I cannot really compare the features knowledgeably.

Take the PicMonkey Free Trial

If you are not familiar with PicMonkey or have not used them in quite some time – I suggest that you sign up for a free trial here.

Test the all new PicMonkey by creating some images for your blog, Pinterest, and other social media – and see what you think.

Then you can decide whether the Basic or the Pro plan is right for you.

Happy Blogging!

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