How to Promote Amazon Prime Day on Your Blog

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It is always a challenge to promote Amazon Prime Day on your blog. There are SO MANY great deals that you will be tempted to share it all. But sharing everything is not effective. Use these focused strategies instead.

Amazon Prime Day is a perfect time to help your blog readers start their holiday shopping and grab things they have been wanting at a discount.

Your Amazon Prime Day Goals

As a blogger, you probably want to shout out about all of the great deals that are available – everything from fashion to kitchen to automotive.

I mean, everybody need that kind of stuff, right?

But the reality is that sharing all the amazing deals that you find is not a very effective strategy. It is near impossible to share everything and you would come out exhausted.

Instead, use these more focused strategies that you can use to promote Amazon Prime Day on your blog.

Let’s start with the end in mind.

Your goals from Amazon Prime Day are to

  • increase your traffic to Amazon
  • and also to be helpful to your readers.

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How to Increase Your Traffic to Amazon

As a blogger, you are faced with a pretty big dilemma.

If you wait until Prime Day to blog about it – nobody will see your post.

This is because it takes time for you post to get indexed by the search engines.

Not to mention the fact that everyone will be blogging about Prime Day.

But if you blog about it too early –

  • your Amazon Associates cookie only lasts for 24 hours, and
  • you don’t know what the deals are going to be ahead of time.

So, how can you successfully promote Amazon Prime Day?

Here are some strategies you can use to get your traffic to head over to Amazon on Prime Day.

Promote Amazon All Year Round

This one goes without saying – but I will say it anyway.

Always include links to relevant products in your blog posts throughout the year.

When events like Prime Day and Black Friday roll around – your content will already be ranking in the search engines.

It doesn’t matter if your post is about Prime Day or not – you just need to get people over there.

Promote Amazon Prime Memberships

In the month leading up to Prime Day you can promote Amazon Prime Memberships.

Remember that you need to be a Prime Member to shop on Prime Day.

There is a 30 day free trial – so people can basically participate in Prime Day for free, and you get a bounty as well.

Google will also start to index your post for terms related to Prime Day.

Create a Things to Watch For On Prime Day Blog Post

In the weeks leading up to Prime Day you can create a wish list type blog post.

If you blog about gardening, for example – you could create a Gardening Tools I’ll Be Watching For On Prime Day post.

You can include things on Amazon that you have been wanting but waiting to get at a discount.

Chances are – if you want these items, many people in your audience want them too.

You are basically saving them time by creating a shopping list for them.

Of course, you don’t know if those things will actually be on sale – but when Prime Day rolls around you and your reader just have to visit each item on the list and see.

Create a Prime Day Blog Post

You can still create a blog post on Prime Day itself.

Certain items are available for the whole time while others are just available for a few hours.

It is up to you what you want to list in your post – but remember not to include prices unless you are using Amazon special links to do so (their custom link will show the most current price).

If you have a big email list, you can send people to your Prime Day post where they can see the deals that you showcase. (Do NOT use Amazon special links in your emails because that is against Amazon TOS.)

In my experience – and I am sure other bloggers have differing opinions – I have found that the effort to maintain an up to the minute Prime Day post is not really worth the results.

I just don’t get enough traffic to it.

Focus On Products Related to Your Blog Niche

To successfully promote Amazon Prime Day – you also have to provide content that is useful to your readers.

So, even if you see a great deal on a flat screen TV – if you blog about gardening then your readers might not be interested.

However, if you combed through all the Prime Day deals and picked out the gardening related stuff – you would be doing your readers a big service.

If you can’t help but share that TV deal, you could put it at the end of your Gardening Deals post.

Write a paragraph with the heading “Other Deals That Are Too Good To Miss” – and go for it.

Use Your Amazon Influencers Page to Showcase Products

If you are part of the Amazon Influencers program you can use your page to promote products that you find on Amazon Prime Day.

This is much easier to update and you can drive traffic to it from your email list. (Again – do NOT use Amazon special links in your emails because that is against Amazon TOS.)

Share a Few Things On Social Media

If you have a big following on Facebook or Twitter you can use the share buttons from inside your Associates dashboard to share relevant sales.

Make sure you have listed your Twitter and Facebook accounts in your Associates profile before you do so.

Also, don’t overdo your social sharing because that can have the opposite affect and annoy your readers instead of help them.

You Must Be Part of the Amazon Associates Program

Of course, to promote Amazon Prime Day at all, you do need to apply and be accepted into the Amazon Associates program.

Promoting Prime Day is a Long Game

It’s never too early to start promoting Prime Day.

Talk about relevant products in your blog posts all year long.

Then build up the momentum with a few focused posts as the event draws near.

Don’t forget to use your Influencer Page as well.

And have fun with it – measure your efforts against your results to tweak your strategy for next year.

Happy Blogging!

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