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Reflections for Mother’s Day

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Mother's Day weekend is extra special in our household.

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Not only is it Mother's Day, but it is also our anniversary.

Our oldest child is approaching twenty, so suffice it to say that we have been married a long time.

Events like these really make you reflect. Looking back on the years you think – “If I had to do it again what would I do differently … “

And when both events occur on the same weekend, I guess you become doubly reflective.

So this Mother's Day I am sharing some of my lessons learned.

Recognize the Value of Time

I would have managed my time better.

When you are young – you think that there is plenty of time ahead of you.

When you are a young mom, you are consumed with all things kids and home.

For many years I floated through the days without much of a routine.

I lived in the moment.

And while I enjoyed it, sometimes it felt like an endless treadmill. And because of that, I was always looking towards “someday” when I could do something for me and not so much for others.

Not only that, but I was frustrated by the realization that time was passing by and my skills outside of mothering, were getting a little dusty.

So, while I was doing what I wanted to do by staying home to raise my family, I wasn't doing everything  that I wanted to do.

Create Concrete Goals

I would have set long term and short term goals for myself.

After I was out of the infant and toddler stage with my four children – I started learning all things internet and became a blogger.

Unfortunately, I really didn't have any set goals. Granted – blogging was new so it was uncharted waters.

However, I could have been more organized with my approach.

“Work” Time and “Play” Time

I would have created a daily schedule for myself.

When kids are little you are highly dependent on nap time for your own free time.

And when you have multiple children – well, the don't always nap at the same time.

As a result, I was always squeezing “work” time in whenever I had a spare minute. This was a highly inefficient process.

Not only were my work projects a bit disarrayed, but I wasn't able to be 100% on as a mom either. And wasn't that why I gave up my career to stay home with the kids in the first place?

A simple schedule could have done some heavy lifting for me in this area.

My Advice to My Younger Self

Looking back – all of my experiences brought me to where I am today. Each and every one was a learning experience. And I love where I am, so I am grateful for them.

But if I could do things differently … I would have incorporated more organization into each and every day.

Happy Mother's Day to all the moms out there!

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