How to Remove Pinterest Board Covers

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This is how to remove Pinterest board covers step by step. Unfortunately, it is not a straightforward process.

Why People Used Pinterest Board Covers

Board covers on Pinterest used to be the “thing”.

Everyone was doing it.

They were creating cute little pictures emblazoned with the name of the board in a fancy font and setting it as a board cover.

Then Pinterest changed the sizes of the board cover images. Because change is what Pinterest does best ;-).

And those fancy board covers didn't quite look right anymore.

So, some people deleted the pin they were using as the board cover and replaced it with one of their other pins instead.

This worked out well – you could change your board cover monthly or seasonally to reflect current happenings.

But what if you decided that you wanted to remove Pinterest board covers altogether?

What if you wanted your Pinterest board to display as a just a grid of your most recent pins as shown in the image above.

Well, that is harder to do.

I wish you could just click a button that says “remove board cover” or some such thing.

But sadly, that is not the case.

Instead, it is a little bit of a process to remove Pinterest board covers completely from your boards (not just change them).

The good news is – it can be done.

How to Remove Your Board Covers on Pinterest

There are a few steps to get the results you want. This is how I do it.

1. Move the Pin to a Different Board

First, find the pin that displays as the Pinterest board cover.

Then, move the pin to a different board – it can be one of your public boards or a secret board.

Save your change.

Alternatively, you can delete the pin that displays as your board cover.

But be very careful about this.

You don't want to delete an important or popular pin because this could affect your blog traffic negatively.

Refresh your profile page that shows your Pinterest Boards.

If you moved the correct pin, then your board should now show as a grid of your most recent pins.

2. Move the Pin Back to the Original Board

Once you remove your Pinterest board cover successfully, you can move the pin back to it's original board if you would like.

You are all set.

But sometimes it is not so easy.

What If You Can't Find the Pin that Is Your Board Cover?

It happens.

Maybe your board has a thousand pins on it.

Or maybe you saved the pin that is your board cover to same Pinterest board multiple times.


Well, you could go through your pins with a fine toothed comb – but that would likely take you all day.

Or you could do this …

First change your board cover to your most recent pin on that board.

Make sure to save your changes.

Refresh your Boards view in your profile to make sure your changes stick and your new pin is showing as the board cover.

Then follow the instructions above.

You should be able to easily find your most recent pin and

  • move it to a different board
  • save your changes
  • and move it back to it's original location

Do You Need More Details?

So, this is kind of a high level move this/do that type Pinterest tutorial.

However, I totally get it if you don't know how to move a pin to a different Pinterest board or if you don't know how to change a Pinterest board cover.

If I skimmed over something that you don't know how to do – please ask me in the comments below.

Assuming I know the answer I will either answer it straight away or write a more comprehensive post to clear up any confusion.

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  1. How do you remove the board cover completely. I no longer want the square image and just the circle. Thanks!

  2. Thanks for the information. It is very helpful. I have a related question that I believe you would recognize. I have just added board covers. However, they only seem to “Stick” until I add more pins to the board. Then the newer pins become the covers. One detail. this is happening on a board that includes a section. I have not found anything about covers for sections, so this may not matter. Thanks for any thoughts you might have.
    Jim s

    1. Hi Jim,

      That is definitely weird. I have had not this issue come up. For example, my Blogging Tips board on Pinterest – – has several sections but the cover image has been the same for a long time now.

      Are you using mobile or desktop to set your covers? I typically use desktop.

      Pinterest is known for being a bit glitchy, especially when they are making lots of updates on the backend.

      What I would say is that board covers really don’t add much to your profile. Most people aren’t coming to your profile after all, they are just seeing your pins. So, the time creating covers may not really be worth the effort.

      If you really do want board covers, I would try different platforms to see it they stick better on desktop vs. mobile or vice versa.

      And if that still doesn’t work – I would try again in a few days and see if whatever glitchiness is happening at Pinterest has ironed itself out.

      Good luck! And if you remember, stop back in and let me know if you were able to resolve the issue and what worked.

      Thanks. 🙂

  3. Hey Neena,

    Great tips, especially since I was actually getting ready to change out a board cover on one of my boards.

    This tutorial is definitely going to save me some time. It seems like there is always something to learn when it comes to Pinterest.

    Just when I think that I’ve mastered something, I find myself trying to figure something else out.

    Thanks for putting this together for us. Hope you are doing well.

    Have a great day 🙂


    1. Hi Susan,

      Yes – Pinterest is ever changing. They want to make sure we are paying attention. 😉

      I wish it was easier to eliminate board covers, though. I thought I was missing something really simple – so I looked everywhere and couldn’t find an explanation.

      If you find an easier way – do let me know!

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