The 2020 BC Stack is LIVE!

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This one is for my blogging friends. The 2020 BC Stack is available this week only! CLICK HERE to get your copy.

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What is the BC Stack?

If you haven't heard of the BC Stack, you are in for a treat.

It is a collection of 68 blogging courses, eBooks and resources that are all “stacked” or bundled together and offered for one low price.

As a blogger, you probably have a few favorite gurus that you follow.

You might be pleasantly surprised to find some of their offerings in the 2020 stack.

A Few of My Favorite Courses

If I had to choose a few favorites from the list, I would pick these.

Blog Boundless by Jennifer Maker – $97 Value

Jennifer Maker is one of my favorite bloggers – and what a success story she has to tell.

She started blogging after I did – and in that short time, she catapulted her business into grossing over a million dollars a year.


Her newest course is called Blog Boundless and she has included it in the stack this year.

The cost of this course alone is more than the cost of the stack!

Four Ways to Collect Email Addresses Using Free Offers by Donna Kozik – $300 Value

One of weakest points in blogging is email marketing.

I have taken lots of courses, like the very excellent Email on AutoPilot – but I need help with the sign ups.

So, this course – Four Ways to Collect Email Addresses Using Free Offers. by Donna Kozik caught my eye right away.

I need a foolproof template and system that I can call on to created exciting offers for my audience.

If you too need a little help with your email, then look no further than the BC Stack!

Creating Printables: Quick Start Course by Amber Fox – only available through the BC Stack

One of the things you can use to attract an audience is offer some free printables on your blog.

It seems easy enough until you sit down to actually create the printable.

Since I don't have a graphic design background, this step can take hours.

In the end, I often feel like I wasted my time.

So, I was happy to find this course by Amber Fox in the BC Stack.

Hopefully, it will help me to scale up what I offer and learn some shortcuts along the way.

You Get SO Much Value

As you can see, two of the three courses that I mention above would cost almost $400 if purchased separately.

And one of the courses is not even available for purchase outside of the Stack.

So – if you buy the BC Stack, you get these 3 courses PLUS 65 other resources for ONLY $47!

Altogether, the stack is valued at over $8,000.

Even if you only use a few items, you more than get your monies worth.

The only caveat is that the 2020 BC Stack is available for one week only – and it is happening right now.

The Stack closes on July 25, 2020, after which you will have 60 days to enroll in and download all the resources.

Once you enroll or download, you will then have lifetime access to those items.

I know it is a lot to digest – but here is my suggestion – CLICK HERE to head over to the BC Stack and check out all the resources for yourself.

Happy Blogging!

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