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Whenever I talk about a calendar app, I am usually talking about a way for you to track your own schedule.

But when it comes to booking appointments – well, that can turn into quite a dance.

TidyCal is a calendar booking app that solves this problem. When you need to set an appointment with a client, simply send them a link to your Tidycal calendar and they can choose an open slot that works best for them – and you!

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Tired of all the back and forth emails and calls that go into scheduling an appointment or meeting? Save time by using TidyCal - a cheap and affordable booking app that eliminates the schedule dance.

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It acts as the middleman and eliminates the back and forth. And for a LIMITED TIMETidyCal is available on AppSumo for one low VERY price.

Booking Appointments via Email is Inefficient

We’ve all done the back and forth emails to find a mutually agreeable time for an appointment.

You email the other person with your availability and then they check their own calendar.

They email you back with times that work for them.

You reply as to what works for you.

And so on and so forth.

How an Calendar Booking App Can Help

To avoid all this back and forth – you can use one of many apps that make it easier.

You simply send a link to your booking calendar to the person you want to meet with.

They see your availability, select a time slot that they are free, and “book” you.

The appointment syncs up with your Google calendar and that’s it.


You Can Use It for Business and Personal Appointments

A calendar booking app is a huge time saver – whether you use it for your business life or your personal life.

Yes – your personal life.

Think about how challenging it can be to book a coffee date, a lunch date, a playdate for your kids, or even carve some time out for a phone call with an old friend.

If you could just send out a link to your calendar, things would be more simple.

Cost Can Be An Obstacle

Sure it makes a lot of sense – but there is one obstacle: Cost.

Typically, calendar booking apps come with a hefty monthly subscription fee.

If you are using the app for business, you may be able to justify the expense. But for personal use, it can be a little steep.

TidyCal is a Cheap Calendar Booking App

This is why buying TidyCal on AppSumo right now makes a lot of sense.

For a limited time you can get a lifetime subscription to TidyCal for a one time low fee of only $29.

Why not?

It’s a one time charge – there is NO recurring payment.

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Clean and Beautiful Interface

It might seem weird to send friends, family, and even business associates a link to your booking app when they request some face time.

But once you see the clean and beautiful interface of TidyCal, your hesitation will disappear.

The booking screen is simple and easy to understand.

The screens are uncluttered and clean. This eliminates any confusion that people might have.

Syncs With Google Calendar and Microsoft Office 365 Calendar (Apple Coming Soon)

One thing to keep in mind before you jump in is that TidyCal ONLY syncs with Google Calendar and Office 365 right now.

Integrations with Apple Calendar are coming soon but are not live yet.

TidyCal is still a new service so the features are still rolling out.

However, TidyCal was created by the folks at AppSumo so the reputation is good.

Who TidyCal is For

If you are looking for an inexpensive and affordable calendar booking app that syncs with Google Calendar then be sure to check out TidyCal on AppSumo.

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