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What are Ultimate Bundles and Why Do You Need to Know?

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If you've known me long enough, you are probably asking “What the heck are Ultimate Bundles – and why do you keep telling me about them?”

What are Ultimate Bundles?

So let me start by asking you to close your eyes and imagine that someone is giving you a gift.

A great big gift – all wrapped up with a huge bow on top.

It's exciting!

You can't wait to rip the package open.

And when you do – what you find is even more amazing than what you ever expected. Wow!

That is what the Ultimate Bundles are – awesome information products from your favorite experts all rolled into one big, pretty package.

All offered up at a HUGE discount.

Examples of Ultimate Bundles

Several times throughout the year Ultimate Bundles puts together bundles of information products that center around a particular subject.

Past bundles have included things like (see the full list of Ultimate Bundles here):

The first time I saw one of my favorite bloggers talk about these bundles, I didn't pay any attention – arrrgh!

Talk about missed opportunity.

But then, I started seeing people mention Ultimate Bundles just about everywhere online and my curiosity got the best of me.

Why Ultimate Bundles are a Good Value

When I finally took a closer look at Ultimate Bundles, I couldn't believe it.

Each bundle was filled with courses and e-books that are usually sold separately by the individual authors.

Often, the price of one or two of the courses – if you buy them separately, cost more than the cost of the ENTIRE bundle.

But here's the thing – it is human nature to look at the products in the bundle as a whole.

I encourage you NOT to do that.

Find a few items on the list that you would have bought anyway – a la carte. Add up the individual product cost. If the total is more the than the cost of the bundle – then you are coming out ahead, even if you don't use any of the other products in the bundle.

For example, when it came to the blogging bundle, I found that I already owned a few of the resources that were included. But I went ahead and bought the Genius Bloggers Toolkit from Ultimate Bundles anyway.

There were several other products in the bundle that I knew that I really wanted and would use.

From that day forward, I knew that I would always take a good look at each bundle that Ultimate Bundles puts together.

Why I Am Telling You About It

When I find something that I think is really great – I can't stop talking about it.

So, at this point, when I hear that Ultimate Bundles is putting out a new package – I'm just going to tell you about.

Not every bundle will appeal to you but you never know when you are going to find that one gem that's been on your list.

How to Evaluate A Bundle

When a new bundle comes out, my suggestion is to look closely at the list of the courses and ebooks that are included.

Even though the title of the bundle might not speak to you – there might be one or two things inside that you need.

Remember, you don't have to use or read every item in the Ultimate Bundles to make the purchase “worth it”.

If you are on the fence, it's a good idea to grab it while it's still available because each bundle is only offered for a very limited amount of time.

Ultimate Bundles come with a 30 day happy-ness guarantee, so you can think about it after you buy.

How to Become an Ultimate Bundles Affiliate

If you are a blogger or a course creator – there are even more ways to work with Ultimate Bundles.

Simply click here to fill out the application to become an Ultimate Bundles affiliate.

What are your favorite bundles?

Tell us about your favorite bundles in the comments below.

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