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Ultimate Bundles – This Will Become Your Favorite Way To Learn

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You all have read my reviews about Ultimate Bundles. I talk about them a lot because they are really an awesome value – and you know that I love anything that is a good deal.

I also love to tell you about things that are a good deal. 😉

So, I figured I would make it easy for you to learn more about Ultimate Bundles, what they are, and which ones would be useful to you.

I am not going to boil the ocean here – just give you a guide to find the information that you need.

Let's start here …

What are the different Ultimate Bundles?

Ultimate Bundles come in many varieties.

Throughout the year they will offer a bundle of popular digital products that are centered around different topics at an extremely deep discount (we are talking like 75 to even 90 percent off here – it all depends on the bundle).

These topics range from health to photography to blogging and everything in between.

Each bundle is only offered for a limited time – except for a few “evergreen” type bundles, which I will get to in a minute.

Many will come back each year, but with a different collection of products inside. (For example, I have purchased the Genius Bloggers Toolkit two years in a row, because the products inside were different.)

These are the Ultimate Bundles that have been offered in the past:

These are the current “evergreen” bundles:

Some of the bundles are what are called “evergreen”. This means that they are offered all year round (although they, too, are retired from time to time).

These evergreen bundles are currently available:

What if You Miss A Bundle That You Really Want?

Once in awhile, Ultimate Bundles will give you a chance to get any bundles that you missed.

They have done a flash sale on a select few bundles and they also ran the Ultimate Bundles Festival, which was new last year.

But, you don't really know which bundles will come out of the archives and when it will happen (if at all).

So, it's best to grab an Ultimate Bundle that you are interested in when you see it. They all come with a 30 day happiness guarantee, so you can buy it while the discount is available and think about it after.

What Is The Difference Between a Super Bundle and an Ultimate Bundle?

It's simple.

Super bundles have fewer products in the bundle while Ultimate Bundles are massive collections.

Make Money With Ultimate Bundles

If you are a blogger you can actually make money by becoming an Ultimate Bundles affiliate.

As you can see the bundles cover a wide variety of topics – one of which will probably be a good fit for your blogging niche.

Don't worry, as an Ultimate Bundles affiliate, you only need to promote the bundles that you want (you don't have to promote all of them).

And that's about it folks. 🙂

Check Out The Current Bundles

You can go here to see the list of which Ultimate Bundles are currently being offered, if any.

And, you can go here to sign up as an Ultimate Bundles affiliate, if you would like.

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