What is Tailwind and Is It Worth the Cost?

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Tailwind is a Pinterest and Instagram scheduling app that can save bloggers time on social media. It is extremely useful, but is it worth it? Read on to find out.

In full transparency, let me start by saying that I am an on again / off again Tailwind App customer and a member of the Tailwind affiliate program.

What Does Tailwind App Do?

At it's most basic, you can use the Tailwind App to schedule out pins from

  • your blog,
  • other websites,
  • Pinterest itself, and
  • even from Tailwind

to Pinterest.

You can also use the Tailwind App to schedule your Instagram posts.

Personally, I have only used Tailwind for Pinterest and not for Instagram, so this article will mostly focus on the Pinterest scheduler.

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How To Use Tailwind for Pinterest

There are so many different things that you can do with Tailwind for Pinterest, so I will try to outline everything in a way that makes sense.

Install the Tailwind Chrome Extension – or Safari or Firefox

The first thing you will want to do is install the Tailwind extension for Chrome, Firefox, or Safari, depending on the browser that you use.

At this time Tailwind App does not have an extension for Explorer or any other browsers.

Use Tailwind for Scheduling Pins

Once you have installed the browser extension, you can:

  • navigate to any blog post or web page (yours or other people's),
  • click on the browser extension,
  • select an image from the ones that appear,
  • click on “Go Schedule”,
  • choose the boards, board lists, tribes, or smartloops where you want the pin to go,
  • and either add it to your queue, pin it now, pin it in the future, or pin it at intervals to a list of boards.

Now, I know that I have thrown a lot of terms out there that you may not be familiar with – all of which are Tailwind features that you will want to know about.

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Useful Features of Tailwind for Bloggers

Bloggers like using Pinterest, especially, because is a visual search engine.

How Regular People Use Pinterest

People go to Pinterest looking for inspiration and solutions to problems.

So, if you as a blogger, create a great guacamole recipe – then you will pin your own recipe to one of your relevant boards – like an Appetizer Recipe board.

Someone looking for Super Bowl Party ideas might then pin your recipe to their board, and visit your website to get that recipe.

How Tailwind Helps the Pinning Process

When you create your great recipe you pin it manually by going to your post and pinning your image to the most relevant board.

Or you can use the Tailwind App to schedule your pin.

Pinterest has stated in their Pinterest Content Tips that you should:

Add new Pins over time rather than uploading a bunch at once. 

Pinterest Content Tips

So, if you tend to do all your Pinterest work at once, then Tailwind would be a handy blogging tool for you.

You can use it to schedule your pins for the week and then move onto your next blogging task.

Use Tailwind Board Lists to Schedule the Same Pin to Different Boards

Some bloggers like to pin the same pin to more than one board, or even to the same board over a period of time.

I would use caution with this approach because Pinterest has specifically stated in their Community Guidelines that:

We also remove spam and other disruptive content including: … Repetitive or unwanted posts.

Pinterest Community Guidelines

In particular, Pinterest has stated – and this is a direct quote from their website:

We’re sometimes asked whether it’s beneficial to save the same Pin to the same board multiple times. We don’t recommend doing this very often. Repetitive saving can create a disruptive experience and get flagged as spam. If you’ve done this in the past, there’s no need to go back and delete old Pins.

Pinterest Content Tips

However, should you decide to pin the same pin to a few different boards – Tailwind Board Lists are a great way to do this.

With Board Lists, you can create a collection of relevant Pinterest Boards – preferably on topics that you write about often.

You can then schedule a pin to go out to all of the boards on your Board List at intervals over a period of time.

It is up to you how long to wait in between pins.

Tailwind has Good Stats

Another useful feature of the Tailwind App are their statistics – the Board Insights in particular.

Tailwind has a Board Insights report that gives you information about each of your boards – including Group Boards.

You can use this information to make informed decisions as to what boards to stay on and which ones to leave.

Tailwind Power Ups

In addition to scheduling features, you can also take advantage of Tailwind Power Ups.

These are add on features for your account and include Tailwind Tribes and Tailwind SmartLoop.

What are Tailwind Tribes?

A Tailwind Tribe is a group people that post pins about a particular topic.

For example, on my blog AlmostPractical.com I write about Organization and Productivity.

So, I belong to a few different Tribes where all members pin articles about those topics.

Once you join and are accepted into a Tribe, you can submit your own relevant pins for other people to pin to their boards.

In return, you will pin other people's pins to your boards.

The rules for each Tribe are different and are set by the creator of the Tribe.

Some Tribes are more effective than others and it's often trial and error to find a good fit.

Alternatively, you can also create your own Tribe.

What is Tailwind SmartLoop?

Tailwind SmartLoop is another Power Up that you can use to post your own pins to a collection of boards.

This is more “set it and forget it” than a Board List.

Once your pin has circulated through all the boards in the SmartLoop, then it will loop through all the boards again.

Again, use caution with this feature so as not to violate Pinterest guidelines.

Tailwind's approach is very conservative and they worked extensively with Pinterest to put guidelines and safeguards in place that will actually warn you if they think you are pinning the same pin too often.

You can also set Board Rules in SmartLoop so you don't post to the same board too often.

Is Tailwind Approved By Pinterest?

Tailwind is on the list of Pinterest approved partners.

Pros and Cons of Tailwind

Now that you understand what Tailwind is – let's go through some of the pros and cons.

Pros of Tailwind

Tailwind can makes it easy to schedule your pins so you have a consistent presence on Pinterest.

This will allow you to use your time more efficiently.

Cons of Tailwind

Tailwind should not take the place of your active involvement on Pinterest.

You need to be diligent to not have your pinning strategy come across as spammy.

Grab a Tailwind Free Trial

The best way to decide if the Tailwind App is for you, is to give it a spin.

As a blogger you can sign up for a FREE trial of the Tailwind Plus Plan which allows you to schedule and publish up to 100 Pinterest Pins and/or 30 Instagram Posts before you have to pay.

So, the trial can last as long as it takes for you to post those 100 pins, which is pretty generous.

Learn About Tailwind Pricing

I find Tailwind Pricing to be a little tricky to understand. I won't list the prices here because they are subject to change and are different if you pay monthly or annually.

Most bloggers will be interested in the Tailwind Plus plan which includes:

  • unlimited scheduling
  • 5 Tailwind Tribes Membership
  • 30 Monthly Tribe Submissions
  • 250 Active SmartLoop Posts

If you want to join more Tribes or have more SmartLoop posts, you will need to purchase some Tailwind Power Ups.

Here is the pricing information for the Power Ups – take particular note of the Unlimited Power Up Bundle which may be of interest to you.

Finally, Tailwind pricing is per social account. So, if you have 2 Pinterest accounts, you would need 2 Tailwind subscriptions.

Similarly, if you have one Pinterest and one Instagram account and want to use Tailwind for both – you would need 2 Tailwind subscriptions.

Become a Tailwind Affiliate

If you are a blogger, you can potentially defray some of the cost of Tailwind by joining the Tailwind affiliate program here.

Is Tailwind Worth It?

So, back to our original question – is Tailwind worth it?

As a new blogger, there are so many things to spend money on for your new blog – the struggle is real.

It is up to you to decide if the Tailwind App should be in your blogging toolbox.

Ask yourself these questions:

  • is Pinterest a good source of blog traffic for you?
  • do you make enough money from the traffic you receive from Pinterest to justify the cost?
  • do you need help creating a consistent presence on Pinterest (or Instagram)?
  • if you can't possibly do manual pinning but don't want to hire a VA, maybe Tailwind could be your happy medium.
  • are you committed to being involved in what you pin even though you use Tailwind? You don't want to jeopardize your good Pinterest standing

If Pinterest is a big part of your blog marketing plan then Tailwind could be a good choice for your workflow.

I know you won't like this but you need to decide if it is right for your own situation.

Do You Use Tailwind?

Tell me your thoughts in the comments below.

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