6 WordPress Themes That Are Optimized for Gutenberg

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If you are a blogger you have heard about the official release of WordPress Gutenberg.

6 WordPress Themes for Gutenberg

This is a major WordPress update and completely changes the back end of things.

It is supposed to be easier for content creators, like us, to make nicely formatted blog post – that are visually appealing.

Because it is so incredibly different from the previous version, people who create WordPress themes and plugins are scrambling to update their products to be Gutenberg compatible.

I can only imagine the issues they face.

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All StudioPress Themes are Ready for Gutenberg for WordPress

Happily (for me) I have always been a huge StudioPress fan girl.

StudioPress are the folks behind the Genesis Framework for WordPress.

And even though they are now owned by WPEngine – they still provide amazing support for Genesis and the StudioPress child themes.

Awhile ago, StudioPress announced that all of their own child themes were Gutenberg ready – long before the official release.

These 6 WordPress Are Specifically OPTIMIZED for Gutenberg

Well, today, I received an email stating that a few of their child themes have gone even further and are now Gutenberg optimized.

Here is the exact quote:

… we’re re-releasing six StudioPress Themes that now include built-in features and advanced Gutenberg support to help users get the most out of the new editing experience. … these six themes have been modified specifically to let you do more with the new editor. Gutenberg allows you to quickly build and create sleek, high-performing websites.

What are those six themes, you ask?

Even though I am very happy with my current theme – which, today, is the Brunch Pro Theme from Feast Designs (I am known to change my blog's clothes quite often) – I am also tempted to try out one of the above StudioPress themes just to experience the new features.

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Since I have the All Themes Package, I could actually give one or all a spin. Tempting.

You see, I – who usually am an early adopter, have been a bit chicken to do the upgrade – mostly because I am not confident that all of my plugins etc will work with the new editor.

However, if I knew that my WordPress theme was not only Gutenberg ready but also Gutenberg optimized – well, that might just tip the scales.

Here are some of the features of the above six updated StudioPress child themes (another quote from the emails received):

  • Easy access and control of branding features. Now you can quickly make changes to block color palettes and font styles.
  • Custom styling and default Gutenberg block styling that all work with the full range of available editor widths to save you time when building sites.
  • Effortless editing and page building so you can see what your site will look like on the front-end when creating and editing in the back-end.

Easy branding? Yes!

Actually everything sounds really good.

Another thing to keep in mind is that all 35 of the StudioPress premium child themes – including these six Gutenberg optimized themes are included for free with any WPEngine website hosting package

Be sure to check out the Gutenberg optimized WordPress themes from StudioPress today.


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WordPress Themes for Gutenberg

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