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Blog Graphics

Blogging today is about much more than great content. You NEED to have fabulous blog graphics, too.

The photos, video, and images that you include in every single post can make or break your chances of success – because people want to see and share what it is you are writing about.

Visuals are key.

When I started blogging – blogs were all text and we didn’t have to worry about creating all of these pretty pictures.

So, it has been a struggle for me and a huge learning curve.

At the end of the day – all we can do is our best given the talent and the resources that we possess.

If you also find it challenging to create great blog graphics, then take a look through these tips to find a little help and inspiration.

Resources to Help You Create Blog Graphics

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Here are the tools and resources that I use to create my graphics on this blog:

Blog Graphics Tutorials

I also created the following articles and tutorials to clarify some of the things that I had trouble with and help you with your blog images as well.

2020 PicMonkey Pricing Guide

You probably already know that PicMonkey is one of my favorite photo editors. I use it to create website graphics all the time. Over the years the PicMonkey pricing and plans have evolved. Here is how it looks for 2020. How PicMonkey Has Changed Over Time Today’s PicMonkey looks nothing like the one from days of old. Recently they totally …

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