5 Reasons Why Your Business Needs a Blog

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Most businesses have a website – and they think that is enough.

So, why have a blog, too?

Well, if you don’t have a blog – you are missing out on one of the easiest ways to grow your business.

This is how you can use a blog to level up.

Why Have A Blog For Your Business?

Most entrepreneurs agree that every business should have a website.

It’s your online business card.

At a minimum, your website is a place where visitors can find your contact information.

Your website will have an

  • About Page,
  • Contact page and
  • even a few pages about what you do.

But if that’s all you got – then you seriously aren’t putting your website to work for you.

If your business does not have a blog, you are doing yourself a big injustice.

A plain old website is staticthis means that it does not change often.

A blog on the other hand is dynamic.

It is constantly changing with new information. (If you are unclear on the difference, no worries – find the explanation in this article: Blogging for Beginners FAQ)

This new information serves two purposes:

  1. It gives you an avenue to communicate with existing and potential customers.
  2. It helps with organic search engine optimization – so your business has a better chance of ranking higher in the search results than your competitors.

In today’s business world, a plain old website just isn’t enough.

Let me put it into simple terms: A blog is FREE advertising.

Oh, I can hear you now – “I am not a blogger.”

Congratulations – I guess you have all the clients and customers that you can handle.

But if not – it’s about time that you added a blog to your website.

And don’t make the MISTAKE of using a social media platform like Facebook or Instagram instead of a blog.

Tap into these 5 benefits of adding a blog to your business.

1. A Blog Makes Your Website Look Active.

Nothing screams neglect like a dusty old website that hasn’t been updated in years.

People expect businesses to have an active online presence.

And it speaks volumes if you don’t.

If you ignore your website – then how do you treat your clients?

You might think that the two things are not related.

But for the small business owner – your website can be seen as being representative of the service that you provide.

2. Your Blog Is a Communication Tool

When you blog about upcoming events, current trends in your industry, or recent happenings you are communicating with your existing customers.

You are informing them of things that they might not know.

You might think that your current customers are not on your website. But they do stop by.

Current customers will stop in to grab your phone number or find your office hours.

And when they get there – you should have great information there to reward them, and to encourage repeat business.

3. A Blog Helps You To Communicate With Leads

Another reason that your business needs a blog is because right now you have customers that you don’t know about yet.

They are looking for you – but they also don’t know you exist.

When they land on your website – you want to wow them with your knowledge.

Consistently blogging is a perfect way to do that – it is a great way to showcase what you know.

If a potential customer finds an old rusty website, they might decide to work with a competitor that paints a better picture online.

4. You Can Form Alliances With Other Bloggers

This is one of the most powerful and overlooked benefits of blogging for business.

The more content you create – the more likely it is that someone will share it on social networks or link to it from their own blog.

Forming strategic partnerships with other bloggers in your niche or in complimentary niches will help your blog go further faster.

You don’t have to leave this step up to chance.

Connect with people in your offline networking groups that have a business that is complementary to yours.

Talk about your online efforts – share each other’s content and broaden your online audience.

5. Blogging is GREAT for Organic Search Engine Optimization

SEO is not dead.

Your business needs a blog to provide fresh content for the search engines.

The search engines really have no idea what your business is all about until you tell them.

The way you do this is by writing blog posts.

The more you write, the more your site will show up in different search results that are related to your business.

For example, if you are a tax accountant in Osh Kosh, and someone searches for “tax accountant in Osh Kosh” maybe your business will show up in the search results.

But what if they are searching for something like “how to file property taxes in Osh Kosh”.


If you just happened to write a blog post about that – then maybe your site will be in the search results for that term too.

But if you don’t blog – then I guess the business will go to the accountant that does.

Are You Ready to Get Started?

I hope you are convinced that your business needs a blog. It is not optional.

Why have a blog?

To let the world know what your business is all about!

Your business will benefit from using this powerful tool to communicate with

  • prospective clients
  • existing customers and
  • search engines.

Happy Blogging!

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