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Hi there – today I just wanted to make sure that you know about a service called AppSumo – especially if you are a blogger.

Stop wasting money on monthly fees for services for your blog or small business. Save money with lifetime deals. Blogging tools at huge discounts.

I first discovered the magic of AppSumo about a year ago – on Black Friday to be exact.

Although I had heard about it, I didn’t realize what it was and I probably missed a lot of good things because of my ignorance.

So, before Black Friday rolls around again – I want to make sure you don’t make the same mistakes that I did.

Let’s start here …

What Is AppSumo?

Actually – I will start with WHY you need AppSumo.

Bloggers and small business owners use a lot of online apps to run their business.

Stick with me, here.

You probably use a photo editor to create social media and blog images. Maybe a bookkeeping program to create invoices and track your moolah.

Stop wasting money on monthly fees for services for your blog or small business. Save money with lifetime deals. Blogging tools at huge discounts.

A service for:

  • webinars,
  • social media sharing,
  • booking clients,
  • managing screenshots,
  • creating landing pages,
  • and so on and so forth.

Each one of these online services will typically charge you a monthly fee, right?

That can add up to a pretty hefty bill each and every month.

Who wants to pay that?

Enter AppSumo.

Don’t Want to Pay Monthly Fees?

AppSumo offers what I think of as a service to bloggers and small business owners.

They bring us lifetime deals on services that we need to run our businesses – often for a one time payment that is incredibly low for what you get.

It’s crazy!

And for once, it’s not too good to be true.

How They Do It

AppSumo acts as a middleman.

AppSumo finds developers that have created really awesome apps but are just getting started.

These developers need an audience.

They are looking for people to buy their product, use it, and tell others about it.

They probably also need a quick infusion of capital.

AppSumo has what these developers need – us. A built in audience that is ready for a great deal.

A marriage made in heaven.

And we get to benefit.

How Can You Get A Deal?

Because of the steep discount – the deals don’t last very long.

When you see something you like, you need to act fast – before it expires or the licenses run out.

Not every deal will apply to your business either.

The best thing to do is to check the AppSumo website often, to see what’s new.

OR … if you are a blogger or a business owner that is flying solo, simply sign up for the Almost Practical Blogging newsletter. I will send you email updates about AppSumo and other deals that are relevant for bloggers as well as news and ideas to help you grow your blog.

Some Deals That I Picked Up

I have bought a good number of deals on AppSumo (it is addictive, after all!), including the following – all with LIFETIME access:

  • Stencil – for web graphics – it’s one of my two “go-to” graphics apps.
  • Book Like a Boss – for scheduling and selling services
  • Billy App – for accounting
  • Wisestamp Pro – for creating custom email signatures
  • Beacon – for creating lead magnets
  • Serpstat – for keyword research
  • Quuu – for social media content
  • KingSumo – for giveaways
  • Grum – for sharing to Instagram from your computer
  • Linklay – for creating clickable images
  • TrackMySubs – for keeping track of recurring payments (that I don’t need to pay with AppSumo!)

You Only Get One Shot

AppSumo helps bloggers, entrepreneurs, and small business owners to save monty on the services that they need.

The thing with AppSumo deals is that they usually only come around once.

There have been a few times where they were able to bring an old deal back.

But usually you only get one shot.

However, they do offer a generous 100% refund policy for 60 days.

What’s On Your Business Wish List?

If there is an online service that you have been pining over – make sure to check AppSumo from time to time.

You may find a great lifetime deal on a similar product.

As a blogger or business owner you stand to save a lot of money.


  1. Thanks for this great write up Neena! I’m definitely going to hop over to the AppSumo site and learn more about them and the extra features they offer.

    Great post! Passed this along!

    Have a great day and weekend!


    1. Hi Cori,
      I think I am addicted to AppSumo, there is always something there that is useful to my business. It’s definitely worth checking out. 🙂

      Have a great weekend, too!

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