How to Convert a WordPress Post from the Classic Editor to Gutenberg

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It is really easy to convert a post written in the classic editor to Gutenberg in WordPress. This is how.

If you have written many of your blog posts in the Classic Editor for WordPress but are now thinking of moving those over to Gutenberg – the good news is that it is really easy to do.


Honestly, the best way to see how it’s done is to watch the tutorial video below.

Watch the Video Tutorial

If you prefer a written tutorial I will outline the steps here as well.

1. Open Your Post In the Classic Editor

The first thing that you want to do when converting from Classic Editor to Gutenberg is to open the original post in the Classic Editor.

2. Scroll Down In the Right Sidebar

Next, scroll down in the right sidebar to where you see a block with the title “Editor” and a link inside that says “Switch to Block Editor”.

Click on this link.

See the screenshot below.

3. Select the Classic Block that Appears

When you do this, your editor post in the Classic Editor will be converted to the Block Editor.

However, your entire post will be placed in ONE huge block called “Classic”.

The good news is that you DON’T need to copy and paste each paragraph into a new Text Block in Gutenberg.

Please don’t waste your time doing that.

Yes! I actually did that with the first few WordPress posts that I converted from the Classic Editor to the Gutenberg Editor.

If only I knew what I am about to tell you back then …

4. Click on the 3 Vertical Dots in the Upper Right Hand Corner of the Classic Block

Once you select that BIG, huge Classic Block – hover your pointer over the top right hand corner and 3 vertical dots will appear.

Click on these 3 vertical dots to reveal a drop down menu.

In this menu you will see a line item that says “Convert to Blocks”.

Click on this item.

And voila!

Magically, your one massive Classic Block will be split into separate Gutenberg Blocks – just like that!

Now you can edit the blocks, move them around, and even insert new elements in between them.

Converting WordPress Posts from Classic Editor to Gutenberg is Easy

Sometimes things seem harder than they really are.

Lots of people think that switching from the Classic WordPress Editor to Gutenberg will be hard to do – but it’s not!

The only way to get comfortable with it is to start using it for your new posts.

Once you do, you might find that you really like the Gutenberg Block Editor. That is what happened to me.

If you like it, you can start going back and update your old posts and switch them over to Gutenberg one at a time.

  • Simply open an old post in the Classic Editor,
  • switch it over the Block Editor,
  • select the one Classic Block that appears,
  • click the 3 vertical dots and then
  • select Convert to Blocks from the dropdown.

Happy Blogging!

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