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Today I am honored to have a guest post from Ryan Biddulph of the blog Blogging From Paradise. He shares his wisdom on how to get invited to guest post on top blogs in your niche. I promise – you are in for a treat!

Neena generously invited me to guest post on her authority, respected blog.

I feel honored and grateful to seize the opportunity.

After posting my availability on Facebook and Twitter today, I observed 10 quick guest post invites from top bloggers.


I took the Robert Kiyosaki quote to heart many years ago.

He noted how wealthy people look for and build networks while everybody else looks for work.

This quote rings true for all bloggers, too – successful bloggers look for and build networks and most other bloggers never succeed and need to look for jobs.

Two Key Steps to Get Invited to Guest Post

  1. Getting connected is one chief step to get invited to guest post on top blogs.
  2. Creating helpful content is the other chief factor in gaining invites.

Don’t Make These Mistakes

Most bloggers blindly pitch bloggers guest posts, wasting precious time and energy playing the numbers game.

Do This Instead

Blog intelligently.

Blog effectively.

Be attractive to top bloggers versus repelling most bloggers.

Follow these tips to get guest posting invites left and right.

Develop Posture

First off – it is OK to ask top bloggers if you can guest post on their blogs.

I have nothing against this approach.

But most bloggers pitch from a desperate, frantic, frenzied energy that repels virtually all top bloggers.

Slow down.

Calm down.

Develop posture.

Follow this plan:

  • hone your blogging skills,
  • make blogging buddies and
  • allow guest post invites to flow to you.

I have landed thousands of guest posts this way.

I only pitched two opportunities; one as an experiment, and the other was Positively Positive with its one million follower readership.

The thousands of other placement flowed to me via invites, where respected bloggers asked me to guest post for them.

Such is the power of posture.

You need to be confident, patient and generous but in time, success will flow to you. I never need to chase success because success flows to me daily.

Of course, I had to adopt a posturing attitude to put everything into motion.

Work on your mindset daily.

Most bloggers blog mainly from a vibe of fear, lack and limitation, desperately chasing opportunities and pitching from an attached, frantic, chaotic energy.

Feel your fears by engaging in mental science.

Release these energies.

Begin blogging from a posturing, confident energy, to allow guest posting invites to flow your way.

Create Helpful Content

Skilled, creative bloggers position themselves to gain invites to guest post on rocking blogs.

Top bloggers only invite skilled bloggers to guest post to keep their credibility intact and to protect their reputation.

Practice writing offline daily. Publish posts frequently to increase your visibility and to show off your writing skills.

Solve common problems in your niche. Inspire your readers to live their dreams.

Give authority bloggers a reason to invite you to guest post on their blogs. Polish your writing skills through practice. Be prolific by publishing posts regularly.

Become magnetic to invites by impressing expert bloggers with your blogging skills.

Practice goes a long way.

Write daily offline to shine online.

I can honestly say my guest posting invites increased the more time I spent writing offline.

Practicing my writing improved the quality of my blog posts which increased the frequency of my guest posting invites.

Plus the quality of these blogger’s blogs improved dramatically in proportion to my diligent writing practice.

Build Your Friend Network

This is the critical step to nabbing invites whenever you make your guest posting self available.

I saw 10 quick invites today primarily because I built a large, loyal friend network.

No doubt; you need to be able to write. But having loyal friends who trust you accelerates guest post invitations quickly.

Comment genuinely on top blogs in your niche. Write and publish 2-3 paragraph comments, personalized and helpful.

Promote fellow bloggers on your blog.

Promote fellow bloggers on social media.

Build strong friendships.

Loyal buddies who dig your writing skills invite you to guest post freely on their blogs.

Easy peasey.


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Persistently Follow the Prior Tips

Even though I had some serious writing skills I patiently built my friend network before bloggers invited me to guest post on their blogs.

It takes time to practice enough to become an impressive blogger. It takes even more time to develop friendships with top bloggers.

Most bloggers mistakenly give up on guest posting before they are ready to become an in demand guest poster.

Do not quit.

Polish Your Skills and Guest Post Invites Will Follow

  • Practice writing.
  • Publish content on your blog.
  • Build your blogger friend network by generously helping your fellow bloggers.
  • Be patient and persistent.

Top bloggers will knock down your blogging door and invite you to guest post for them.

About Ryan Biddulph

Ryan Biddulph helps you become a successful blogger. In addition to his blog – he is also the author of several helpful eBooks about blogging.

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  1. Thank you for such a great guide. I’m relatively new to blogging seriously in the travel/housesitting sphere. A week ago I didn’t even know that guest blogging was a thing.
    I’ve learned so much and feel like I need to just continue to improve my own blog and blogging skills for now.
    Thank you!

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