The Grammarly Referral Program is Gone BUT There Is Still A Way To Earn

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Grammarly is a very popular service amongst writers and bloggers. Unfortunately, the Grammarly referral program no longer exists. But there is good news – there is a way that you can still earn money by recommending Grammarly.

If you are a Grammarly fan, you can still earn money for recommending Grammarly to your friends simply by joining their affiliate program!

What Is Grammarly?

You probably already know the answer to this, especially if you are looking for the Grammarly referral program, but just in case you are not familiar – I'll give you the short version.

Basically, Grammarly is a proofreading app that checks your grammar as you write.

You can either paste your text into Grammarly's own editor or you can install the browser extension and it will do its magic on the page you working on in your browser – like a WordPress post.

It's like a pumped up version of spell check.

If you are chronically bad at grammar, this is perfect for you!

But Grammarly is useful even if you are pretty good at writing.

As a writer or blogger, it basically “has your back” – meaning it's watching out for those little mistakes that you might otherwise miss.

What Happened to the Grammarly Referral Program?

At one point in time it seems that Grammarly had a referral program.

Basically, as Grammarly user – you could recommend Grammarly to your friends. If they signed up you would get a discount on your subscription.

I don't know the exact details but some of them are spelled out in this blog post.

However, it seems that the Grammarly referral program ended a few years ago as evidenced by this tweet:

Can You Still Make Money With Grammarly?

Even though the Grammarly referral program is gone, the good news is that you can still make money if you recommend it to friends and followers.

All you need to do is sign up for the Grammarly affiliate program here.

If you are accepted into the program, you can use your affiliate link in your blog posts, via email, and on social media to let people know how much you love the service.

My guess is that if you are using Grammarly, you most likely have a blog or a business.

This means that you must have a platform where you can easily share your thoughts about this service.

More Ways To Make Money With A Blog

Affiliate marketing is a great way to make money by telling other people about products and services that you love.

Each company has a different program – so it is always important to read the terms of service – but generally once you apply and are accepted into a program all you need to do is get your affiliate link out there to start making commissions.

I work with lots of companies as an affiliate, and if you are looking for new programs to join then you should definitely take a look at my Affiliate Program Directory here.

But before you do that, don't forget to …

Apply to the Grammarly Affiliate Program

Happy Blogging!

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