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Let me introduce you to an awesome stock photography service in this Haute Stock review.

As much as I like to take my own photos for this blog – I often fall back on stock photographs when I am pressed for time and when I don’t have a photo of my own that works for my article.


And when it comes to stock photos – I now use one of two services:

(Although in the past, I did use a service called StoryBlocks – formerly GraphicStock, on this blog as well.)

Of the two that I currently use – Haute Stock is my GO TO service.

This is why.

What is Unique About Haute Stock?

With so many stock photo sites and subscriptions to choose from – I bet you are wondering why I rely on Haute Stock and what makes them so special.

Modern, Clean, and Crisp Feminine Stock Photography

woman with umbrella and flowers

Well, first and foremost – it is all about the images.

The images that you use on your blog and social media channels really has to represent your brand.

Since I blog about organizing – I really like the way Haute Stock incorporates lots of neutrals with bright pops of color throughout their photos.

All of the pictures has a strong feminine theme and the props and backgrounds are modern and appealing.

There are many sizes to choose from – and perhaps even more importantly, there are many ways to search and filter the results when you are looking for an image to accompany your blog post.

Includes Lots of Lifestyle Images

carton of colorful eggs

In the early days of Haute Stock, many of the images were geared towards the workday/office type photos.

These days you will find lots of lifestyle type pictures that include themes like:

  • parenting,
  • cooking,
  • travel,
  • homemaking,
  • leisure,
  • and more.

Great for Bloggers

woman holding clutch purse

As with any stock photography service, you should always read the Image License and Purchase Agreement to fully understand how you may or may not use the photos.

For my purposes, as the sole owner of this blog, I have found the Haute Stock Image License to be more than generous for my needs.

I can use the photos to illustrate blog posts, create social media graphics for my blog, and add graphics to my checklists and freebies.

The Subscription Model

camera on table

Currently Haute Stock operates under a subscription model.

As a blogger, I subscribe to the service (I have an annual subscription).

This gives me the ability to download an unlimited number of photos and videos.

I love this because I can change my mind halfway through creating a graphic and choose a different image if I feel like it.

Haute Stock Is Better Than Free Stock Photos

haute stock icon set

I know that there are lots of free stock photos out there – and now even Canva and PickMonkey include photos with their subscriptions.

But the thing is, I don’t ever want there to be a question as to whether I have the right to use a photo.

So, personally, I like to use a paid service like Haute Stock so there is no question about my rights to use the photo.

Haute Stock Has Videos Too

Recently, Haute Stock has included videos in their subscription as well.

These are little clips that you can incorporate into your social media.

I think the offering is pretty awesome.

You can use these to quickly create video pins or even incorporate the clips into longer videos for YouTube.

So many possibilities!

Why Pictures Are Important For Your Blog

According to Google – people are searching for more visual information and not just plain text.

They WANT more images.

So, Google has been:

working to include more imagery and videos in Search

As a blogger, that puts a lot more pressure on your time to create visual content.

It certainly is nice if you can take your own photos, and I try to do that as much as possible.

But sometimes, whether you have a time constraint or just don’t have a relevant subject to photograph, a good stock photo can fill the void.

Pictures at Your Fingertips

I have been a member of Haute Stock for as long as I can remember.

Rachel Rouhana, the founder, has grown her business over the years to really meet the needs of the blogging community.

What started with images and graphics packs has evolved into over 6000 images plus Canva templates, videos, and branding elements to help you grow your own brand.

Haute Stock offers an easy to web interface that members can use to search and filter photos and graphics.

The stock photos come in many different sizes as well as orientations.

And Rachel and her team release new collections of photos and videos every single week.

If you are shopping for a stock photography service for your blog – be sure to take a look at Haute Stock.

Find the complete list of Blogging Tools that I use on this blog here.

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  1. Hi Neena,

    What an amazing review! I can understand the need for stock photos and Haute Stock sounds amazing! My niece has just started a lifestyle blog, and she always looking to get some quality photos for her blog. I will definitely be sharing this with her. I hope it helps her find the photos she needs for her blog. Since her aesthetic is a bit feminine, I think she will appreciate Haute Stock. Thanks a lot for sharing this resource.

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