How To Choose Your Blogging Niche

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If you are a new blogger with lots ideas for blog topics floating through your head, choosing just one is probably the hardest things that you will do. Here are some ideas on how to find your blogging niche.

I'm pretty jealous of people that have an existing business – because they already know their topic.

If you are a real estate agent – you blog about your town and the homes in it. If you are a health coach – you blog about healthy living.


But if you are starting a blog as a first step to a business, the waters become a bit more muddy.

The thing to keep in mind is that ultimately, the blog topics that you choose to write about should:

  1. be broad enough to allow you flexibility in what you write,
  2. attract a targeted audience,
  3. be monetizable – meaning that you should be able to make money by blogging in your chosen niche.

More Useful Blogging Tips

A Narrow Niche is a Good Thing

Blog topics are often referred to as a niche.

Standard blogging advice is the narrower your niche, the better.

When your blog niche is laser focused, both your readers and the search engines will figure out what your site is about very quickly.

You will start to be known as an expert in your field by your readers.

So, let's say you blog about a very narrow topic – say, lilacs (I love lilacs by the way).

You might have articles along these lines:

  • how to grow lilacs
  • where to buy lilacs
  • the best soil for lilacs
  • the best fertilizer for lilacs
  • different varieties of lilacs
  • and so on and so forth.

The people coming to your site will clearly be interested in lilacs – so they might hang around for a while – reading one article after another.

They may even click through some of your affiliate links and make lilac related purchases.

When they hang around for a long time – the search engines take notice. This is signal that your blog has good information on this niche topic.

So, your blog will move up in the search results which brings in even more readers.

Don't Pick a Niche That Is Too Narrow

A blog about lilacs might be just right in scope, but a blog about a single variety of lilac may be too narrow.

It really depends on two things:

  1. How much you have to say on the topic
  2. How many people are actually looking for information about the niche.

The downside to having a tight blog niche is that you may run out of things to write about.

But even if you have a lot of content to blog about – if no one is searching for it, then it will be hard to turn a profit.

That being said – you would be surprised at how successful narrow niches can be.

I just discovered a blog called – I Love Painted Rocks – which is all about the art of rock painting.

The author monetizes this blog in many ways – but one way is through the Mediavine ad network. To be accepted into Mediavine you need to meet a traffic threshold – which this site clearly does. So yes – it is a fun and focused topic that also make money.

The author could have cast a wider net by writing about all types of arts and crafts but it would have been less targeted and harder to grow.

I think it's pretty fantastic!

Don't Pick A Niche That Is Too Wide

The flip side of finding a niche for your blog that is too narrow is picking one that is too wide.

It is tempting to write about everything that you are personally interested in.

However this sends mixed messages to both your readers and the search engines.

If you post a great cookie recipe and your next blog post is about shoes, the person that is looking for the recipe probably won't subscribe to your blog.

And Google will be confused, too – are you an authority on baking or on fashion?

Finding the right balance is important.

What To Do If You Have A Lifestyle Blog

Sometimes, especially in the case of lifestyle blogs, people want to write about a variety of blog topics.

This type of blog is really hard to get off the ground.

It certainly can be done – but it will take a lot of time and effort on your part.

You will have to write a ton of blog posts with great content on each topic that you write about.

It's like having multiple blogs all rolled into one.

If you do choose to have a multiple blog topics, it is best to have an underlying theme that can tie your articles together.

I have seen blogs with themes based around frugal living, southern living, luxury lifestyles, etc.

These blogs may talk about recipes, fashion, travel and more – but they come from the perspective of being frugal, or living it up, or whatever other unique twist the blogger chooses as a theme.

Turn to Magazines for Inspiration

A good way to explore different themes is to look at magazines.

Sports Illustrated brings you info on all sports, Time brings you the news, Money Magazine is … well you catch my drift.

Within these magazines you will see lots of different topics that tie into the main theme.

Remember to only use these as inspiration – you are NOT a magazine.

Magazines have teams of writers that create content on a full time basis day in and day out.

You, as a solo blogger, are limited by your available time. Don't bite off more than you can chew.

Monetize Your Content

A blog certainly can be a hobby. But given the amount of time and energy that goes into creating content, it is nice to get something back for your effort.

If you are blogging for or as your business, then making money is an integral part of your long-term plan.

When you think about how to find your niche in blogging, the availability of monetization opportunities is an important piece.

Bloggers make money from many different sources.

  • Advertising
  • Affiliate marketing
  • Sponsored Posts
  • Creating products
  • Offering services
  • and more.

Before you even start writing, you should plan how you want to monetize your topic.

Again, if you blog about your big toe – I don't think there is much opportunity for making money there.

But let's say you go with lilacs.

There are many advertisers in the gardening niche that will want their ads in front of your audience.

There are affiliate programs with mail order garden centers that you can join.

You could write an ebook about growing lilacs.

And if you own a local gardening business your could offer your services.

Picking the Right Blogging Niche is Difficult To Do

As you can see choosing a niche for your blog is not a decision to be taken lightly.

While a tight blog niche is good, it should allow you enough room to create lots of content. It should appeal to a targeted audience and should also be monetizable.

But don't forget – no matter what topic you choose, it is always more fun if you are passionate about the subject matter.

What Blog Topics Do You Write About?

Introduce yourself in the comments below and tell us what your blog is about.

How is that niche working out for you? Is it difficult to build traffic?

Is your niche broad enough or is it too narrow?

I would love to hear your stories!

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