Pinterest Now Has Photo Editing Tools Built In

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You can now create a pin, crop, add a logo, and add a text overlay to pins right inside of Pinterest! This is how.

Today when I opened Pinterest, I was greeted by a pleasant surprise.

Pinterest has added some tools that you can use to build a pin from right within your Pinterest dashboard.

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Only for Pinterest Business Accounts

The first thing to note is that these photo editing tools are only available to people with a Pinterest business account.

Upload an Image

To get started simply upload an image that you want to pin using the plus sign in the upper right hand corner of your Pinterest dashboard.

You can also click anywhere that Pinterest offers an option to “create a pin”.

Click on the Pencil Icon to Edit

Next, hover over the image that you just uploaded.

You should see a pencil icon – click on this to access the photo editing tools.

You will come to an edit screen with 3 tabs down the middle.

  • the first square type icon holds the cropping tools
  • the star tab is for adding your logo
  • and the “A” in a square is for adding a text overlay.

Crop Your Image

Once you hit the editing suite – go to the crop icon and select the ratio that you want.

Keep in mind that Pinterest recommends a 2:3 ratio.

Add a Logo to Your Pin

Once you are happy with the crop, click the star tab to upload your logo.

You can use the tools to place the logo in a variety of locations on your image.

You can also add a color fill and adjust your margins.

Unfortunately, this tool appears to be so new that it is not working correctly for me yet.

Whenever I try to upload a logo I am greeted with a nice, blank white screen.

I expect that Pinterest will work the kinks out shortly.

Add a Text Overlay to Your Pin

Finally, you can add a text overlay to your pin right from within Pinterest.

There are a good selection of fonts to choose from.

You can select the color for your font and your background. Additionally, you can add transparency to the background color as well.

Choose the positioning of your font and then you are done.

Finish Adding Your Pin Details

Once you are done editing your pin, you can exit the Pinterest photo editing tools and add other details as you normally would.

  • Add a descriptive title
  • Tell the world what your pin is about with a description
  • Be sure to add a link to the relevant post on your blog.

How You Can Use These Pinterest Photo Editing Tools For Your Blog

These Pinterest photo editing tools make it really easy to create new pins for your blog posts.

Typically I use the Stencil App or PicMonkey to make at least one pin worthy image for each of my blog posts.

In addition, I often create a few more pins for the same post using a variety of images.

This can be really time consuming.

So, these new Pinterest photo editing tools should make the process a lot quicker.

If you also like to create multiple pins for each of your posts you should give these new tools a try.

Happy Blogging!

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