10 Pinterest Tools to Help You Grow Your Business

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Everybody needs a good set of Pinterest Tools in their blogging toolbox.

If you aren't using Pinterest yet to promote your blog then you are missing out on a huge traffic opportunity.

Take a Peek Into My Pinterest Toolbox Here:

You see, Pinterest is not just another social media platform – it is a search engine. A visual search engine.

People are searching Pinterest every day for the exact products, services, and solutions that you offer.

No worries if you aren't a food blogger or if you don't blog about home decor or DIY.

Pinterest is a great platform for every niche.

But to use Pinterest for marketing, you will need to do some fundamental things:

  • create pinnable images that beg to be shared
  • be active on the Pinterest platform
  • develop an organized strategy for sharing your own content as well as that of others.

Doesn't that sound simple?

Well, it can be – but there are so many moving parts that it can easily eat up many hours of your day.

What you need are some Pinterest tools to make pinning more manageable.

Let's start with things that will save you time.

More Pinterest Tips

Pinterest Tools that Will Save You Time

While manual pinning is a great idea in theory – it is much harder in practice.

There are days that I have time to focus on Pinterest, and days that I barely have time to eat let alone Pin.

You need to figure out how much time you want to spend on pinning and then decide if you want to use a Pinterest scheduler.

The One Pinterest Tool I Can't Live Without


Tailwind is a Pinterest scheduler that makes it super easy to share your own content over and over again and to share other people's content too.

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Why I Like Tailwind

Tailwind is on my list of awesome Pinterest tools for so many different reasons.

First, the Pinterest analytics are very detailed and allow you to see which boards are performing better than others.

Second, Tailwind makes it really easy for you to share other people's pins. You can do this from right within the Pinterest interface.

Tailwind is also an official Pinterest scheduler so you won't have any trouble with Pinterest down the road.

Tailwind also offers Looping and Tribes – both of which I rely upon.

Tribes are an amazing way of connecting with other like-minded bloggers and also a great source of quality pins to pin to your account.

Pinterest Tools for Creating Pins

To use Pinterest for business, you also need some pretty great images.

People repin stuff that looks good.

You also need to add text overlays to your some of your images as well.

That puts a big burden on those of us that aren't natural born photographers and Photoshop experts.

While, I enjoy dabbling in photography, I find it quicker to use stock photography to get my post up fast.

Long ago I decided against using free stock photos and creative commons images because of the copyright issues so many bloggers were having.

Instead I found two stock photo services that have a nice variety of images and flexible terms of service:

Creating images for blog posts is hard enough, finding them shouldn't be.

Pinterest Tools for Creating Images

Every single one of your blog posts really should have a pinnable image.

Whether you take photos yourself or use stock images, you will need to edit, resize, and add text overlays to your images.

There are many tools out there that you can use for this – but I almost exclusively use two.

  1. PicMonkey and
  2. Stencil

PicMonkey has powerful editing tools.

These are extremely useful for adjusting the lighting and exposure of photos that I take myself.

Stencil, on the other hand, makes it super simple to add text overlays and resize images for different social media platforms.

You can also just use the Pinterest photo editing tools that are baked right into the platform.

But even with awesome images, you need to create a Pinterest strategy.

And you can't do this without a good understanding of how Pinterest works.

I have taken several helpful Pinterest courses to help.

Which Pinterest Course is Best?

Really, the only right answer is to pick the course that resonates with you.

For me that was The Pinterest Launch Plan by Jennifer Maker.

You can see that I have taken a ton of Pinterest courses but I only saw real growth in my Pinterest account after I took The Pinterest Launch Plan.

Something about Jennifer's approach and teaching style really appealed to me. I put it into practice and have seen good results.

If you are unsure how to tackle Pinterest, I suggest you go with one of two approaches.

  1. Pick one course and follow it exactly.
  2. Take a variety of Pinterest courses and piece together the nuggets that work for you.

Here are some of the other courses that have helped me and that I refer to often.

What You Need In Your Pinterest Toolbox

A well rounded Pinterest toolbox will contain

What's in your Pinterest toolbox?

Pin this article to your favorite board on Pinterest to refer to later.

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