Printables by Number Course Review

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I spent the better part of Saturday creating a printable for my blog.

It took me a while because I was learning some great tips via the Printables by Number course by Suzi Whitford.

I am embarrassed to say that I have had this course for quite some time but just recently started to dive in.

And now I am kicking myself for not having done so sooner.

This course is amazing!

Creating printables has always been a huge chore for me – because I never felt that I had the expertise to make something that looked really good.

I certainly had the tools:

But try as I might, it would take me forever to create something decent.

What is Printables By Number?

One day, I just happened to notice that I had this Printables by Number course sitting unopened in my Teachable account.

This course was created by Suzi Whitford – author of the Blog By Number course and many other helpful blogging courses.

Suzi has tons of great printables on her blog and incorporated throughout her courses.

I figured if anybody knew how to make a printable – it would be her.

And I was right!

Inside the Printables By Number Course, Suzi has detailed lessons and videos explaining how to create printables using 2 different platforms:

Though she does mention Google Slides as well.

Creating Printables in Microsoft Power Point

Honestly, when I started the course, I was really surprised to see that Suzi uses Power Point to create printables.

I always thought of this program as something to create presentations.

It just so happens that I have a Microsoft Office 365 subscription but I was not at all familiar with how to use Power Point.

In Printables by Number, Suzi starts by walking you through how to set up a template in Power Point that reflects your brand colors and fonts.

She then goes into how you can use tables and tools like SmartArt to create really fun printables that your audience will love.

Create Printables in Canva

If you don't have Power Point, you can use Canva instead.

Suzi has a section in this course devoted to how to create printables in Canva.

It was so helpful for me to watch Suzi create some printables in the videos.

Just watching her process gave me so many ideas.

Most important was seeing the speed at which she was able to make them.

Clearly I was spending too much time fussing over things that were not important.

Selling Your Printables

The Printables by Number course also has an entire section on how to sell your printables using

What You Need to Know About Printables by Number

Printables by Number is a great way to jump into the world of creating printables for your blog.

As a blogger, you can use a printable as a free lead magnet or create them as products to sell.

But the printable itself has to be both helpful and attractive – if you want people to download or buy it.

This course can show you how to make that happen.

The Printable that I Created

Since it is January, on Saturday I created a free 2021 Printable Calendar using Power Point.

I think it turned out pretty good, and I can now replicate it in future years.

Happy Blogging!

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