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If your goal is to make money blogging – then you probably want to know what to blog about to make it happen.

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Popular Topics for Blogs

I am sure you have seen many blogs on the following topics:

  • travel
  • fashion
  • finances
  • food and recipes
  • home decor
  • DIY and crafts
  • automobiles, and more

All of these are excellent choices for a blog niche – however they all have a big downfall – they are way too broad.

Does What You Blog About Really Make a Difference?

The truth is that almost any topic can make you money eventually – but the more focused and helpful your topic is, the quicker you will get there.

In the blogging world, what you decide to write about is called your blog’s niche.

A profitable niche is one that has two things:

  1. an audience – a crowd of people who are interested in that topic
  2. related products and services that the audience needs

To Make Money Blogging You Need A Tight Niche

If you look at the above list of profitable blog topics it’s obvious that they all have HUGE audiences.

There are also TONS of products and services aimed at these readers.

However, the topics are so massive that your little blog will take a long time to gain traction.

So, instead – let’s brainstorm better ideas to blog about within each niche.

Blogging About Travel

If you choose to blog about travel, you have so many ways to make money with your blog.

It’s a huge industry and there are tons of affiliate programs to partner with. (Take a look at my Affiliate Program Directory here.)

Here are some examples of what to blog about in the Travel niche:

Focus on One Geographic Area or Town

You don’t actually have to travel to be a travel blogger.

Instead you can create a travel guide for people that want to visit the place that you live.

There are lots of blogs that focus on popular tourist areas such as major cities.

In fact, blogging about a big city like New York or Orlando is still very broad.

Instead you could niche down further into even smaller topics for your blog:

  • Midtown Manhattan
  • Disney Parks
  • Dining in Disney
  • Budget travel to these destinations
  • Luxury travel to these destinations
  • Singles travel to NYC
  • Couples travel (Disney for Couples)
  • Family travel (Family Friendly everything in whatever city you choose)

Share Info From Your Own Travels

If you love to travel and want to blog about places that you travel to – then you can make money blogging about your adventures, too.

To niche this topic down, you could:

  • focus on the type of traveler that you are – traveling alone, with a family, etc.
  • focus your blog on what you like to do when you travel – backpacking, skiing, biking, touristy things, non-touristy things, etc.
  • write about exploring a region in-depth (Italy, France, New England, etc)
  • create a travel tips blog for a type of travel (cruise tips, air travel tips, road trips, etc.)

Blogging About Fashion

If fashion is your passion (cheesy rhyme, I know) then you definitely need to carve out a unique little corner that you can claim as your own.

Many bloggers find success by blogging about their own lifestyle and how the clothes that they wear and the products that they use fit that lifestyle.

You will find fashion blogs aimed at:

  • trendy club clothing
  • comfortable yet fashionable clothing for moms
  • plus size clothing
  • petite clothing
  • accessories

You could even niche down further and just do a blog about handbags or shoes.

You just need to make sure that you will have enough content to fill your niche.

Blogging About Finances

Finance is a huge topic.

Everyone is looking for ways to:

  • make money
  • save money
  • budget the money that they have

You can blog about:

  • budgeting for a growing family
  • getting out of debt
  • saving money on groceries
  • credit card reviews
  • work from home opportunities

Blogging About Food and Recipes

Becoming a food blogger might seem like a great idea because everyone has to eat, right?

But again, this is a massive topic.

You could further niche down your food blog by writing to a specific audience:

  • keto desserts
  • cake design
  • Instant Pot recipes
  • Cooking for two (small portions)
  • Game Day recipes
  • Grill recipes
  • Lunchbox favorites

The following food blogs are great examples of bloggers who have chiseled out a segment of the food and recipes niche:

Blogging About Home Decor

People come to home decor blogs looking for ideas they can use in their own homes.

Showcasing your individual style will make your blog relatable.

You can focus your home decor blog on your

  • style of decorating (farmhouse, modern, practical, etc)
  • type of home (apartment, townhouse, colonial)
  • or even specific room (kitchen, bath, playroom)

Blogging About DIY and Crafts

If you like to make and create projects, why not share your process on a blog?

Again, it is helpful to niche down and really go deep on one type of crafting:

  • knitting
  • crochet
  • sewing
  • Cricut crafts
  • paper crafting
  • furniture refinishing
  • painting

Here is an amazing example of a DIY blog that is all about painted rocks.

Yes – you heard that right – painted rocks! A whole blog that makes money dedicated to this topic.

Blogging About Automobiles and More

Cars make for a really popular topic – but it’s one that I am not too familiar with.

However, if I were to start a car blog – I suppose I could start writing about my own car because it is the only one I have.

I’ll let any of you car lovers fill in the blanks here on how to narrow down the car niche.

You can really start a blog about just about anything.

Just remember the following points …

Helpful Blogs Attract Readers

To make money, a blog has to be helpful to the reader.

Before most people land on your blog, they don’t even know you exist.

Typically, they are searching for something in particular – it could be a recipe, a DIY, parenting help, a gadget tutorial or review, or even a funny joke.

They were looking for something and somehow landed on your blog in hopes of finding the answer.

Focused Blogs Keep Them Coming Back For More

If you succeed in impressing those readers with your content, they will come back to your site when they need more help.

They may even subscribe to your email list.

Now you can communicate with them on a regular basis.

So, whatever topic you choose to blog about – the important thing is to keep your content consistent.

The Tighter Your Blog Niche, The Better

The tighter your niche, the easier it will be to write your blog.

You see, every time you write a blog post, you are sending a message to Google as to what your blog is all about.

The more that you write about a single topic, the more Google will see you as being an authority on that subject and the more search traffic they will send to you.

Should You Blog About Multiple Topics On One Site?

I know that there are many successful “lifestyle” blogs out there – in fact, this very blog is more or less a lifestyle blog.

Bloggers write about a wide variety of topics on this type of blog.

But I have found that creating and maintaining a lifestyle blog is really hard to do.

To make money with a lifestyle blog you need

  • a lot of content,
  • a lot of TIME to create that content,
  • a lot of blog traffic,
  • and it helps to be what they call an “influencer” with a massive social following.

What Makes A Blog Niche Monetizable?

While what you blog about is important – it is also important to understand HOW you plan to make money with what you write about.

Ask yourself these questions:

  • Does your topic have an audience? Are people searching for and interested in what you plan to blog about?
  • Are there products and services that are a good match for your topic? This is important for attracting advertisers, finding affiliate products to promote, and working with brands.
  • Can you offer a product or service related to this topic?

If you can find affiliate programs, attract advertisers and brands, and possibly sell your own products and services in the niche that you plan to blog about, you are on the right track.

Can You Create Lots of Content Around Your Topic?

When it comes to figuring out what to blog about – one final thing to consider is whether you can talk about this topic for a long time.

The key to growing a successful blog is creating lots of helpful and interesting content.

It helps if you are personally passionate about your blogging niche.

But the main thing to consider whether or not what you blog about can sustain a large blog with lots of articles that will be useful to others.

What Will You Choose to Blog About to Make Money?

With all this food for thought, tell me in the comments below what you plan to blog about to make money?

Remember, it is best if the blog niche that you choose is:

  • helpful to others,
  • focused,
  • monetizable,
  • interesting to you, and
  • easy to create lots of content around.

Happy Blogging!

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