How to Keep Track of Your Blog Colors

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Your blog colors are an important part of your branding. So, you really should know what they are and how to find them quickly. Here are some tricks to keep track of your colors and a free download too.

Why You Need to Know Your Brand Colors

Even if you don’t do your own web design – you will need your blog colors to use in:

  • illustrations for your posts
  • social media images and profiles
  • your marketing materials
  • downloads that you create, and
  • anywhere you display your brand

To use online, you will identify your blog colors by their hex code.

This is a string of six numbers that follow a “#’ symbol.

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How to Find Your Hex Codes

If you have an established blog, hopefully you have an idea of what colors your blog uses already.

But if you don’t, you can find this out a few different ways – but you will have to do a bit of sleuthing.

Here are some things you can try:

Your Blog’s Style Sheet

Look at your blog’s style sheet – the colors are usually defined at the beginning.

The Customize Options in Your WordPress Dashboard

Go to the Appearance–>Customize tabs in the left column of your WordPress dashboard.

Your theme may have a colors tab here with the info you need.

Digital Color Meter on a Mac

if you use a Mac computer, go to the Utilities folder in your Apps and open the Digital Color Meter app.

From the dropdown select “Display Native Values”.

Now when you scroll over different parts of your screen with your cursor, you will get values in Digital Color Meter for R:, G:, and B:.

These will display in a format that looks like “0xXX”

The values for the last part of the string – XX will change depending on the color you are scrolling over.

Take the last two letters from each value and put them all together to get the 6 character hex code.

Color Snapper 2 App

Color Snapper 2 is a third party app for the Mac that you can use to identify colors that you see on your computer – whether it be online or in a document, etc.

There are probably many more ways to pinpoint the colors for your blog but you get the idea.

Where to Store Your Blog Colors

Now that you have identified your blog colors – you want to store them for easy access.

The last thing you want to do is waste time looking for your hex codes every time you need a color.

There are many ways to keep your codes ready at your fingertips.

The Old Fashioned Way – Write Them Down

I am a big fan of the old fashioned way – which is why I created the Blog Color Cheat Sheet that you can find in my FREE Member Library.

Simply fill out the form on this page to subscribe to the Almost Blogging newsletter and I will send you the password to access the library.

Keep this cheat sheet right next to your computer use it to keep track of your blog’s primary color scheme.

This would include the main color, complimentary colors, link colors and any variations or contrasting colors that you may want to use more than once.

Keep Track of your Brand Fonts Too

Here’s a nifty little trick, write the names of the fonts you use on the cheat sheet, too.

Use a Keyboard Shortcut App

In addition to my blog color cheat sheet, I also use an app called TextExpander.

This is a keyboard shortcut app that saves me a ton of time and frustration.

Basically I assign a keyboard shortcut for things that I type repeatedly – like the hex codes for my blog colors.

For example, one of my brand colors is a dark pink.

In TextExpander I created a shortcut called “;dpi”. (short for dark pink)

Whenever I need to call up the hex code for this color – I just type “;dpi” and TextExpander pops it in.

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Store Your Blog Colors Right Inside the Apps You Use

Another quick way to access the hex codes for your blog colors is to keep them right inside the apps you use most often.

Your Photo Editing Apps

Not all photo editing apps have this capability – but I do know that the following do:

  • Stencil App
  • Canva (premium)
Form Builders

I am not familiar with every form builder out there – but if you create forms in things like:

  • Thrive Leads or
  • Mailerlite

you should be able to store your colors right inside for quick access.

Searching for Your Blog Colors is a Waste of Time

As a blogger you have plenty to do.

Don’t keep reinventing the wheel by hunting through your style sheet for hex codes every time that you need them!

Use the Blog Color Cheat Sheet that I created for you in the free Member Library or make your own.

Also, use an app like TextExpander to minimize your keystrokes.

And try to store the colors in the apps that you use most.

Happy Blogging!

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