5 Life Hacks for Busy Moms Who Need More Time

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I don’t know about you, but I always think that things in life will slow down when a new season arrives.

Let's face it, when kids are home for the summer, busy moms get busier. These 5 life hacks will help you get things done more efficiently.

Things are busy now but when summer gets there …

Or, when school starts …

But somehow, life doesn’t slow down.

So, you can either control all the stuff you have to do – or let it control you.

Yeah, I like to be in control, too.

Here are a few tips that have helped me to be more efficient in how I run my days.

You know, busy moms are full of great productivity tips – so if you have one to share, please add it in the comments below!

5 Life Hacks To Help Busy Moms Become Less Busy

Number 1: Allow Yourself Planning Time

For many years I just ran with the day.

Put out the biggest fires and just barely keep up with what was around the corner.

Somehow, as a family, we always managed to accomplish what needed to be done.

But I always felt stressed out.

Recently, I started becoming very intentional with my time.

I set goals for myself. And then I would set aside time each day to do something to get me closer to those goals.

I also started estimating how long tasks would take and book that time into my calendar as well.

All of this planning brought order to my chaos.

But the thing is …

Planning takes time, too.

And if you don’t allow yourself some quiet time on a regular basis to reflect and plan – then you will always be playing catch up.

Number 2: Group Your Errands Together

Shopping for Cottonelle at Walmart.

With four teenagers/twenty somethings in the family, someone always needs something.
“Mom, can you pick such and such up for me?”

And somehow, I found myself running all over town, several times a week.

Now, I decide when I plan to run errands. Then I let people know ahead of time, where I will be heading. So, if they need something they can let me know in advance.

I also make Walmart® one of my first stops because they have a large variety of merchandise.

Usually, I can get all my shopping done in one stop.

Better yet, Walmart® even has convenient grocery pick up, so you can order online and pick your order up in the store. Find out if this service is available in your area.)

Number 3: Buy Larger Quantities

Cottonelle Mega Roll Toilet Paper

For nonperishables and things like toilet paper – I like to buy in larger quantities.

One of my favorite products is Cottonelle® Brand Mega Roll toilet paper.

Each roll has 4 times more sheets than a standard roll. That’s right – 1 Cottonelle® Mega Roll equals 4 regular roll (compared to the leading 77 ct roll)

This is so convenient because:

  • I don’t need to shop as often, and
  • I don’t need to change the roll as often, either.
  • And a bonus – the feel of the Cottonelle® Mega Roll toilet paper has been a big hit with my family, too.

Number 4: Get Everyone Involved in Helping Around the House

A little helper to help me bring in the groceries.

Summer is a crazy time in most households.

The kids are all home. This means that they are eating all the time!

There is more:

  • cleaning
  • cooking
  • driving
  • shopping
  • and more of everything else that busy moms do.

It is important to set some ground rules right from the beginning.

Set the expectation that you are relying on your children to do some chores around the house.

If they can take some of the burden off your shoulders, you can spend the extra time hanging out with them.

Cleaning is not a popular chore in my house – but my kids are always ready to shop at Walmart® with me!

Buying Cottonelle at Walmart.

Number 5: Make Meals Ahead of Time and Freeze

Did I mention that kids are always hungry?

If you are cooking anyway, make a larger quantity and freeze some of it.

Or set aside one day a week to cook – and make meals for the whole week. I usually make 3 loaves of this Banana Bread Recipe all at once, 1 to eat and 2 to freeze.

Just try to streamline the process as best you can – and get the kids to help.

Busy Moms only Get Busier

Let’s face it – life is busy.

We will always have a ton of things to do.

But with a little planning we can group our errands, make less trips to the store, and enlist our children to help us out.

Walmart® and Cottonelle® understand that convenience is important to busy moms.

That is why Walmart® sells Cottonelle® Brand Mega Roll Toilet Paper – so busy moms can save time by not having to change the roll as often. (Because all busy moms know that no one else in the house has the skills necessary to change an empty toilet paper roll. 😉 What DO they teach them in college, anyway?)

And right now you can save $1 on Cottonelle® Mega Roll Toilet Paper at Walmart®.

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