How to Brew Coffee – Make the Perfect Cup Every Time

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Learn how to brew the perfect cup of coffee that tastes consistent day after day. Use this brewed coffee recipe to make a cup of coffee that you will love.

It may seem like rocket science because it is so frustrating when your coffee doesn't taste the same.

To Make Coffee That YOU Will Like Consider These Factors

  • the kind of coffee that you are using
  • the amount of coffee that you use
  • the amount of water that you use, and
  • your taste preference

But the solution to making the perfect cup of coffee is really simple – it's a recipe.

You wouldn’t think that you need a recipe to brew coffee.

It doesn't feel like you are cooking something.

You are just putting the coffee in the filter, adding water, and pressing a button. How hard can it be?

So, for the longest time, I resisted the recipe idea.

And every time I made a pot of coffee the brew tasted different.

Surprise, surprise.

I really didn’t like starting my morning off inconsistently.

A good cup of coffee is just one of those simple pleasures in life, that I look forward to every day.

Of course, you could buy a Keurig coffee maker – this is the one I have, but sometimes it’s fun to go the old fashioned route and actually brew coffee in a drip machine or percolator.

To Brew Coffee Right You Need to Take Notes

You can use my brewed coffee recipe below as your starting point.

But the perfect cup of coffee is really a matter of personal preference.

You will need to find the coffee to water ratio that tastes best to you.

The only way to brew coffee exactly right is through a bit of trial and error.

But once you get the formula down, you will be able to repeat that perfect cup time and time again.

So, be sure to take notes as you experiment – because you are essentially creating your own brewed coffee recipe.

The next time you make a pot of coffee grab a piece of paper and a pen.

Write down the

  • brand of coffee,
  • amount of water,
  • and number of tablespoons of coffee that you use.

Make sure to use the same scoop utensil every time you make the coffee and make a note if you use heaping tablespoons or flat.

Scale Your Coffee Recipe

Coffee scoop

Once you perfect your brewed coffee recipe, you can figure out how many scoops of coffee and how much water you will need for a bigger or smaller pot (similar to doubling or halving a recipe).

Then take your finished recipe along with the scale notes and tape it up somewhere near your coffee maker.

Repeat the process for each different brand of coffee that you buy – because each brand will require a different recipe.

More Breakfast Recipes:

My Brewed Coffee Recipe

You can use my coffee recipe as a starting point for yours.

Pictured below is my formula for making the perfect coffee written on my little cheat sheet that I taped inside my cabinet.

Usually I brew the 6 tablespoon to 9 cups of water ratio for two people.

The brand I use is Eight O’Clock Coffee Original.

My coffee recipe
  • 3 heaping tablespoons coffee with 4 1/2 cups of water
  • 4 heaping tablespoons coffee with 6 cups of water
  • 5 heaping tablespoons coffee with 7 1/2 cups of water
  • 6 heaping tablespoons coffee with 9 cups of water
  • 7 heaping tablespoons coffee with 10 1/2 cups of water
  • 8 heaping tablespoons coffee with 12 cups of water

Believe it or not, if you use the Keurig brewing system, the same procedure applies.

Every K cup is a different boldness and roast – so you will definitely need a little cheat sheet so you can remember the settings you use to brew each one to your liking.

Do you prefer whole bean coffee? Not a problem!

This post will help you create a system for brewing the perfect pot of coffee with freshly ground whole beans.

Share Your Coffee Recipe

There isn’t a coffee recipe that will work for everybody.

Everyone’s taste is different.

To brew coffee that is perfect for you –

  • take note of the brand of coffee that you use,
  • how much coffee you use,
  • and how much water you put in.

If you are a coffee lover, share your favorite recipe and coffee to water ratios in the comments below.

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  1. Thank you Neena!
    I am one who struggled making a good cup of coffee! I decided to look it up and there you were !!! I am enjoying a cup of perfect brewed coffee for one . 1/8 cup of fine grounds to one large cup of cold water ! Perfect for me ?

    1. Hi MaryJean,
      I am so glad my article helped – because there is nothing better than a great cup of coffee!

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