How to Make Whole Bean Coffee

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Brewing whole bean coffee is a great way to start the day. Use this process to make it taste amazing.

Like most people, I am pretty finicky about my coffee.

I want a consistent cup from day to day.

With my Keurig coffee maker, I get the same taste from cup to cup.

But when I want to make coffee the old fashioned way, using a drip coffee maker, it’s a little harder to get the formula right every time.

If you are using ground coffee to brew a full pot – then you might want to read this post about creating a cheat sheet for brewing the perfect cup of coffee.

However, if you are using whole coffee beans you might think that all bets are off.

It is hard to figure out how to make whole bean coffee taste perfect every time.

I was having a real problem figuring out the right quantity of coffee beans to use that would produce that consistent cup.

So I created a system.

Step 1: Get The Right Tools


Oh, yes – even something as simple as brewing whole bean coffee needs a few tools.

Here's a little tip – if you are lazy like me and don’t want to wash out that coffee scoop every day, find a little bowl to store the scoop in, as well.

Step 2: Grind Up The Coffee

You can see in the above photo that I have taped my coffee cheat sheet right to the grinder.

Depending on how much coffee I want to make, I guesstimate the quantity of whole bean coffee to grind.

Then I grind the coffee beans and dump the ground coffee into my container.


Step 3: Measure the Grinds

Next, I measure out how much I want to use – using my ground coffee recipe cheat sheet.

Finally, I go ahead and brew the perfect pot.

Inevitably, I end up with a few extra grinds – which I store in my airtight container.

The next morning I repeat the process and add more freshly ground coffee to the small amount of grinds already in the container.

Since I use it everyday, the grinds stay fresh.

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Step 4: Put It All Away


Finally, I tuck the whole system onto a shelf in my cabinet.

No, I don’t clean out the grinder daily. Once in a while I will wipe it out.

No, as I mentioned earlier, I don’t wash the measuring spoon daily.

Yes, I do wash the coffee pot daily and remove the used filter and grinds.

The thing is, using whole coffee beans gives you a great tasting cup of coffee, but the price is the time and energy involved. If it becomes too complicated, I won’t do it.

I know that Martha would probably clean everything out daily and keep her kitchen in pristine condition.

But it is quite obvious that I am not her.

If I were Martha, I’d be a Starbucks regular. That way all of my coffee equipment would remain sparkling clean (and unused!).

Do You Use Whole Bean Coffee?

Is whole bean coffee part of your morning routine?

I know that my neighbor shortcuts the whole process by using this all in one coffee maker that grinds the coffee and then brews it.

Tell us your brewing secrets in the comments below.

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