10 Fabulous Coffee Cup Organizer Ideas

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Too many mugs in your kitchen cabinets? Here are some coffee cup organizer ideas to tidy things up.

These organizers come in all shapes and sizes and range from stand alone countertop mug trees to beautiful open shelving. I picked a few of my favorites to share here – and tried to find ones that are both practical and aesthetically pleasing.

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9 Fabulous Coffee Organizer Ideas

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Practical Coffee Mug Organizers

Coffee Mug Tree Stand

Store your coffee cups out right on your kitchen counter tops using this beautiful stainless steel coffee tree. If you don't have space in your cabinets for your coffee mugs and you don't want to fasten anything into the wall - this is a great solution.

It also works nicely in a coffee station set up. Place it next to your Keurig coffee maker to make your morning brew even more convenient.

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Two-Tier Multi-Functional Storage Organizer

This countertop coffee mug storage shelf is more versatile than a mug tree. You can use the flat shelves to store a variety of coffees and tea bags and a sugar bowl. It would make a very nice addition to a coffee station. And the trays are removable for easy washing.

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Benchwright Floating Shelves

Store your coffee mugs out in the open on these chunky floating shelves. They give a polished, modern look to your kitchen and can be used to store a variety of different dishes and decor.

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Metal Coffee Mug Wall Rack

Hanging coffee cups on a wall rack is a great solution to create more space. However, on many wall racks the hooks are placed too close together, so large mugs don't fit.

This S-curve coffee cup wall rack solves that problem by spacing the hooks far enough apart and also by the flexibility of its design. This wall rack is actually four pieces. So you can space as far apart as you would like. You can also hang them vertically or horizontally - so you can really make them fit into your space.

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Stackable Organizer Rack Riser for Kitchen Cabinets

If what you need is just a little more space in your cabinet to store your coffee mugs then these stackable storage shelves should do the trick.

Since coffee mugs are generally quite short, you can take advantage of the vertical space in your cabinet and put one of these in to create two levels on which to store cups.

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36 Peg Mug Rack for Wall

This 36 cup mug rack for the wall seems to manage large mugs quite well.

I was impressed with the user submitted photos and got some great ideas. One person hung two racks side by side and spread their coffee cups across both.

A few users used the racks to display both home decor and coffee mugs. Decor included things like wreaths, greenery, and small cutting boards which slide behind the pegs.

It's a really cute way to dress up a wall and increase your kitchen storage.

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Wood Coffee Mug Holder Stand with 18 Hooks

This wall mounted wooden storage rack for coffee mugs holds 18 mugs and is foldable for easy storage.

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Wall Mounted Coffee Mug Rack with 12 Hooks and Storage Shelf

This wall mounted coffee mug storage rack features 12 hooks and a storage shelf that you can use to display decorative items or keep your coffee making supplies.

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Coffee Mug Cubby Wall Storage

This curio style wall mounted mug rack has several cubbies where you can place coffee mugs.

You can fill all the spaces with mugs to display a collection or intersperse some decor items as well.

You can order this unit in a variety of different sizes that can accomodate from 4 to 36 mugs depending on the size of organizer that you choose.

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Cup and Mug Storage Box

If you really can't part with the extra coffee cups and teacups that you don't have space for then store them safely in this padded coffee cup and mug storage box.

This is a great way to protect your special dishes and create space in your kitchen.

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Do You Really Need All The Mugs?

Before you run out and buy an organizer for your coffee mugs follow the steps that I outlined in the How to Organize Water Bottles post.

Remember, the best way to organize is to first get rid of what you don’t need.

If you have mugs that you don’t like, don’t want or don’t need – then give, donate, or dispose of those.

Personally, I try to limit the number of mugs that I have to one shelf in a glass front cabinet in my kitchen. If I acquire a new one, then an old one has to go.

Steps to Choosing a Coffee Cup Organizer

First, go through your coffee cup collection and pare it down if you can.

Second, decide where you want to store your coffee mugs –

  • inside a cabinet,
  • on the countertop,
  • or on the wall.

Then measure your available space.

While you are at it, measure the tallest and widest mugs that you plan to store on your coffee cup organizer.

Select organizers that you find to be aesthetically pleasing.

Carefully read the dimensions and reviews for each product to make sure that your coffee cups will fit well on the organizer.

Order and install – you are set to go!

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