Moon Pod Beanbag Chair Review

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I have always been intrigued by bean bag chairs – and Moon Pod has been on my radar for a while. So, when they reached out to me to give these chairs/relaxation pillows a try, I was excited to do so.

The Moon Pod is a new take on the old bean bag chair concept. It is a “zero-gravity beanbag designed for stress relief and relaxation”.

There are also several accessories that you can order along with your Moon Pod to make it your ultimate go to destination when you want to kick back at the end of a hectic day.

In this review, I will show you the Moon Pod and some of the accessories and let you know how I felt when sitting in this beanbag chair.

shih tzu sitting on a gray Moon Pod brand bean bag chair

About the Moon Pod and Accessories

bean bag chair in shipping box

The original Moon Pod and its various accessories are filled with custom high density beads that are designed to not become compressed over time.

When you receive your order you will receive both your Moon Pod (or your accessory) as well as a washable outer cover in the color that you chose.

The box that it comes in is pretty big, but the Moon Pod is so light weight that you can easily move it around so you can use it in any room in your house.

The Moon Pod or accessory contains the beads and you stuff this “pillow” into the outer cover.

For my order I chose the Space Gray removable cover, and I received:

  • the original Moon Pod
  • Crescent (which is a crescent shaped pillow that forms a head and arm rest)
  • Lunar Lift (which is a smaller round cylinder shape pillow that functions as an ottoman or foot rest)

All 3 of these pieces are also sold together in one money saving bundle.

The Original Moon Pod

Moon Pod beanbag chair on floor

The original Moon Pod is a beanbag chair that makes you almost feel like you are floating when you sit in it.

On its own – it kind of looks like a big oval pouf with kind of an amorphous shape.

It is hard to believe that something without much structure can give you so much wonderful support – but it really does! When you sink into the Moon Pod, the beads mold to your body shape and fill in where your body curves.

There are 3 ways to use the Moon Pod:

  1. You can sit on it like a chair.
  2. You can recline on it.
  3. You can lie down on it.
Moon Pod Original Beanbag

The Moon Pod is a zero-gravity beanbag chair that is so comfortable. You can use it to sit, recline, or lie down. It is a great spot to relax and lounge at the end of a busy day.

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It may seem weird to provide instructions on how to use a bean bag chair – but being that it is kind of like a blob, it can be tricky if you are of a certain age or higher.

The younger set will likely just flop themselves down without any hesitation.

How to Sit Down Properly

The easiest way that I found to sit on the Moon Pod was hold it up vertical next to you while standing.

Then slowly ease yourself into a sitting position with your behind hitting the Moon Pod somewhere in the center.

As your body folds into a sitting position, the Moon Pod sort of melds with your body and creates a seat right under you.

How to Recline

To recline on the Moon Pod you would follow the same procedure as sitting but lean back a little further as you settle in.

The beauty of the Moon Pod is that it will conform to your body – so you can sit the way you want.

How to Lie Down

If you want to lie down on the Moon Pod, you can do a couple of things.

Follow the procedure for sitting but just lie your upper body flat as you settle in.

Or lie the Moon Pod flat on the ground and then just settle yourself on top of it.

The Moon Pod Crescent

Moon Pod Crescent Pillow

While the Moon Pod by itself is pretty comfortable all on its own – you can make it even better by adding the Crescent pillow/arm rest.

Having tried the Crescent, I don’t think I could do without it! It really elevates the whole Moon Pod experience.

The Crescent is basically a horseshoe shaped pillow that has the same fill in it as the Moon Pod.

To use it, simple place the Moon Pod flat on the ground and put the Crescent at the top end.

Now sit down in the middle of the Moon Pod and lie back.

The back of the Crescent provides support for your head and either side of the Crescent serve as arm rests.

Moon Pod Crescent

The Moon Pod Crescent Pillow / Arm Rest is the perfect accessory for the original Moon Pod. This unique shaped pillow adds support for your head and arms making the lounging experience even more comfortable.

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The Lunar Lift

Ottoman for a beanbag chair.

The Lunar Lift is the cherry on top when it comes to having the complete Moon Pod experience.

It is basically an ottoman that is filled with the same custom density beads as the Moon Pod.

When you are lounging on your Moon Pod with the Crescent supporting your head and arms, you will find that you really want to put your feet up too.

The Lunar Lift completes your set up and I could honestly sit on this combination for hours.

Moon Pod Lunar Lift

The Moon Pod Lunar Lift is an ottoman for your beanbag chair. Whatever your height, the Lunar Lift gives you a place to put your feet up and relax.

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Moon Pod Pros and Cons

person relaxing on a beanbag chair

Overall, I like the experience of relaxing in the Moon Pod.

Our Pick
Moon Pod Full Moon Bundle

Get the complete lounging experience with the Full Moon Bundle from Moon Pod. This collection includes an original Moon Pod, a Crescent, and the Lunar Lift and costs less than buying all three pieces separately.

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It is so comfortable and you really do feel supported.

My son loves sitting in it when he plays video games. And I love curling up on it with a good book. There have been a few Friday nights where we have had to toss a coin to see who gets to use it. (I think I see a second Moon Pod in my future!)

The Moon Pod is also really light weight, so you can easily move it to a different room or out of the way if you need the floor space for something else.

Another feature that I like is that the outer cover is machine washable.

person holding shih tzu on a beanbag chair


As far as “cons” go, I have just a few.

First, as with any type of beanbag chair, getting yourself up and out of the Moon Pod is a bit tough.

Even though it is so comfortable that you may never want to get up, eventually you do have to get out of it.

Depending on your age and agility, this can be tricky for some people.

This is not an issue at all for my son. But I am an entirely different story.

My preferred method is just to roll out of the chair which is not so elegant, but it works. And if someone happens to be around, I just ask them to give me a helping hand, which does the trick. But it can be awkward if you don’t really know the people that you are hanging out with that well. Around my family, I am fine with it – but if we have company over, I sit somewhere else.

Second, it might just be me, but I did find the Moon Pod to be a bit warm after sitting in it for long periods of time.

Third, the outer cover tends to pick up lint and hair from the floor easily.

I did see that Moon Pod makes a water resistant Outdoor Cover. The reviews for this mention that hair and lint stay off – so I might consider ordering one of these to give it a try.

And fourth, because of it’s unique shape (or lack thereof), the Moon Pod does take up a lot of floor space. It works great in a family room, game room, or kids room – but probably wouldn’t work so well in a more formal living room, small space, or high traffic area.

Beanbag Chair for Two

The original Moon Pod is crafted for one person. But if you are looking for a beanbag chair for two – you should take a look at the Super Moon Pod.

Super Moon Pod

Need a little more space on your beanbag chair? Then take a look at the Super Moon Pod - a beanbag chair designed for two!

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Have You Tried Moon Pod?

The Moon Pod is a flexible and very comfortable zero gravity style seating option.

It is perfect for gaming rooms, family rooms, reading nooks, dorm rooms, and just about anywhere your family likes to hang out and relax.

The custom density beads provide ergonomic support for your body without any pressure points and make you feel like you are floating.

Be sure to check it out!

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