How to Remove Water Stains From Marble

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Today I found a way to remove water stains from marble. I can’t say that this method is right for you – but it worked for me, so I thought I would share.

Remove water stains from marble countertops with this easy solution.

A few years ago, we remodeled our bathroom.

Against my better judgment, I decided to install a vanity with a marble top. It was on clearance at our local plumbing supply store and the price was just too good to pass up.

But I knew that marble required extra care and I could barely keep up with caring for myself and my family – let alone babying a marble countertop.

Normal Marble Care

Like a good marble owner, I sealed my marble vanity top at least once a year – maybe even twice. And I used a marble cleaner for weekly maintenance.

But a few months ago, I started to notice ugly brown stains around the faucets. Try as I might, I could not get them to disappear.

I learned that these were probably mineral deposits left by water accumulation in those areas.

And, I also read that acidic cleaners were a no-no for marble. So that ruled out anything with citrus or vinegar.

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The Solution

Remove water stains from marble countertops with this easy solution.

Finding the solution to how to remove water stains from marble became my mission in life – at least for one afternoon. 😉

And I came across an article with an option that I was willing to try.

The answer? Barkeeper’s Friend.

First, I had some in the house.

Second, I knew that I could make a paste with Barkeeper’s Friend and water that I could apply just around the faucets.

Third, I was not too concerned about scratching the marble in this area, because it is tucked out of the way and, in my opinion, anything would look better than those dirty water stains.

Applying the Cleaner

Remove water stains from marble countertops with this easy solution.

I mixed about a tablespoon (no, I did not measure) of the Barkeeper’s Friend with a few drops of water in a small Pyrex® glass bowl to create a paste.

Then I took an old toothbrush and scrubbed it on in the affected areas.

Finally, I wiped it off with a damp paper towel.

It worked!

I found a way to remove water stains from marble successfully.

You Make the Call

While this solution worked for me, you need to use your judgment as to whether it is right for you.

Marble is a porous stone that scratches easily. Keep that in mind when using any type of abrasive cleaner on your marble surfaces.

In all honesty, if I were to undergo another bathroom renovation, I would not choose marble again.

This particular powder room is very high traffic and needs to be tough enough to handle a beating.

How Do You Remove Water Stains from Marble?

What methods have you used to remove water stains from marble? Share your secrets in the comments below.

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  1. This worked Great for me thanks so much . The faucet I used it on is an RH set on Marble top and 10 years old . I went easy with a soft toothbrush and with plenty of water to rinse, and then dried everything off with a soft cloth . It looks almost as good as when first installed for the first time ever :)) Cheers..

  2. I too purchased a marble top vanity. I had no idea marble stains easily. I just purchased the highly recommended Majestic Etch cleaner purported to remove hard water stains on marble.

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