The Best Solution for a Smelly Instant Pot Silicone Ring

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If you have a smelly Instant Pot silicone ring, the simplest solution is to buy an extra one. This is why.

The Instant Pot silicone ring tends to pick up odors - and it is hard to clean and deodorize. This is the best solution.

Trying to clean and deodorize your original silicone ring is an exercise in futility.

Silicone absorbs odors during cooking.

So you should have two Instant Pot silicone rings – one that you will use when cooking aromatic foods and one that you will use when you make more bland foods.

Is This You?

The Instant Pot is an amazing time-saving, space-saving, and versatile kitchen appliance. (you can read my Instant Pot review here)

Depending on the model that you buy – the Instant Pot can replace 7 to 10 of your other kitchen appliances.

You can use it to make everything from breakfast to dessert. Sweet dishes, spicy dishes, mild dishes – you name it.

You love your Instant Pot, but …

nothing is perfect.

And despite being a trusty work horse – you have one big complaint about your Instant Pot ….

My Instant Pot silicone ring smells bad.

And to that, I have one simple and inexpensive solution:

Buy an extra one.

Why Your Instant Pot Silicone Ring Smells Bad

The Instant Pot silicone ring tends to pick up odors - and it is hard to clean and deodorize. This is the best solution.

When used for cooking, silicone has a tendency to absorb odors – especially when you are cooking with pungent foods and spices.

In the Instant Pot, odors from foods like onions, garlic, cumin, or curry powder will linger long after your meal (and the leftovers 😉 ) are gone.

This becomes problematic when you make a flavorful chicken tikka masala or beef stew one night and then decide to make something more mild like steel cut oatmeal in the Instant Pot the next morning.

Your oatmeal will end up tasting a bit like your dinner – and that is not so much fun.

In my opinion, you shouldn’t waste your time trying to figure out how to clean the Instant Pot silicone ring of all odors. (Obviously, you should wash it after each use.)

Why Buying a New Instant Pot Silicone Ring Makes Sense

I have read numerous articles about trying to deodorize the Instant Pot silicone ring with baking soda, or vinegar, or steam, or any number of other solutions.

And honestly, I think it is really a waste of time, energy, and resources.

A second genuine Instant Pot silicone ring costs under $10 and you can get silicone rings from other manufacturers for even less.

Just make sure that whatever you buy is compatible with the model and size of the Instant Pot that you own.

How to Use Your Instant Pot Silicone Rings

Once you buy your second silicone ring for the Instant Pot, you need to follow a few guidelines to keep it odor free for as long as possible.

  1. Only use your original, smelly silicone ring to make pungent foods – stews, soups, curries, dinners, etc.
  2. Only use your new, fresh silicone ring to make mild dishes like Instant Pot yogurt, oatmeal, desserts, etc.
  3. To minimize the transfer of odors, store both silicone rings separate from each other AND away from your Instant Pot.

A Few Instant Pot Tips

Use Different Colors for Your Silicone Rings

You may have noticed that genuine Instant Pot silicone rings only come in the white color. However, those made by other manufacturers come in a variety of colors.

If you buy your new silicone ring in a different color, then it will be easier to distinguish between the two.

Personally, both of my Instant Pot silicone rings are white and I have never had trouble telling the two apart. All I need to do is take a whiff and I know right away which is which. 😉

Use an Over the Cabinet Towel Hook to Store Your Instant Pot Silicone Rings

Storing your Instant Pot silicone rings can be a bit of a challenge.

They are kind of kind of unweildy.

I have found that hanging them on a over the cabinet towel hook like this one – with the hook side on the inside of the cabinet – is a good solution.

The silicone rings are always within reach and they don’t take up too much space.

Just remember,

Smelly Instant Pot Silicone Rings are Not a Deal Breaker

I love my Instant Pot and use it almost daily.

Don’t let the problem of smelly Instant Pot silicone rings keep you from getting an Instant Pot for yourself. (See which Instant Pot model is right for you here).

You can easily solve the problem by buying an extra silicone ring for the Instant Pot.

It is an affordable solution that does not take up your precious time and effort.

Happy odor-free cooking!

Be sure to check out our Instant Pot Lovers Gift Guide here.

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  1. Thanks for all the information here concerning a smelly ring. lol. I too have tried different things to get rid of the smell. Nothing worked, I will most definitely hang it on something outside and let it stay there overnight or two nights. I will also buy extra rings.

  2. I am coming to the same determination as you Neena.
    Have tried it all, steaming with vinegar, steaming with lemon, steaming with vinegar AND lemon, soaking for hours in vinegar, baking soda- and everything in between. This is from a new instant pot that really has only made a single batch of chicken soup !
    Resistance is futile – buy the new rings !!!!
    The odor cannot be removed no matter what you do.
    I even removed and left on top of pot, new the closet smells !
    Discretion is the better part of valor here – buying new silicone rings.

    1. Hi Neena,
      Bought the extra rings, cheap enough – but I must tell you I am a frugal New Englander. I just sort of refused to throw out the old one knowing it was still good. I tried every concoction known to humanity to rid it of the odor (it had become a mission of sorts) – After my last futile effort with steaming in a vinegar/lemon solution – i gave up and put out on my back deck post to rid my closet of the smell until trash day.

      The next morning I went out on the deck and realized I had left it outside all night ! I pulled it off the post – gave it a whiff – and much to my surprise it was almost completely odor free.

      So I guess, much like the great inventions of all time, my solution came completely by accident.

      Thought it was worth sharing – lol


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