The Best Stand Alone Toilet Paper Holder

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When you see this toilet paper stand in action, you are going to want one – seriously. It has a secret action that is a game changer.

If you are a mom with small kids, or someone with joint pain, or just simply like things to be easy (who doesn’t?) – this will interest you.

Are you in suspense? check it out here:

You can find this toilet paper stand on Amazon here.

You are probably be asking yourself what on earth could possibly be so special about an ordinary toilet paper stand.

Well, my dear, this is no ordinary toilet paper stand – oh no!

It has a feature that makes the organizer in me jump for joy every time I have to change a roll of toilet tissue.

Why You Want a Toilet Paper Stand

When I was a little girl, our bathroom in the house where I grew up had a ceramic toilet paper holder attached to the wall (in that gorgeous sky blue from the seventies that is soooo coming back in style.)

In the wall right next to this toilet paper holder was a hole – sort of.

It was pretty obvious that the guys that built the bathroom initially put the roll holder too close to the toilet, and moved it just a little further out.

But instead of filling in the hole, they just ran wallpaper over it.

So, you had wallpaper over this hole in the wall.

Now, tell me – what little kid would NOT want to poke a hole into that wallpaper to see the treasures that MUST have been hidden behind it?

And imagine the FRUSTRATION when my parents forbade the poking of any holes in wallpaper especially in bathrooms where there must be hidden treasure!

Oh, the temptation!

Fast forward a few decades.

Now, I am going through my own bathroom renovation.

Not only do we have a window in the shower – we also have beautiful subway tile wainscoting on the bottom half of the wall around the ENTIRE bathroom.

Do I want the contractors to put a hole in the wall for a toilet paper holder?


And drilling holes into the tile wainscot will never do.

Now, your story is probably much different than mine – but if you are looking for a freestanding toilet paper stand, then my guess is that you don’t want to put holes into your bathroom walls either.

Not All Toilet Paper Stands are Created Equal

So, I went searching for an alternative to the traditional, wall mounted toilet paper holder.

And I found something pretty awesome.

A freestanding toilet paper stand on Amazon. Yup – the one that you see below.

Standalone Toilet paper holder

At first I was going to run to Bed, Bath, and Beyond to pick up just anything.

But I am so glad that I took few minutes to search Amazon before running out the door.

Because the toilet paper stand that I found has a feature that I never saw before.

So What is This Secret Feature, Already???

Ok ok – I won’t keep you in suspense any longer.

Wait for it.

Check out this picture:

Toilet paper stand with pivot bar.

Now do you get it?

This toilet paper stand has a flip up hinged bar. It pivots!

To replace a roll of toilet paper all you need to do is very easily lift one side and slide off the empty tube, then slide on the new roll.

I call it the civilized way to change a toilet paper roll.

This model is from the Moen Stockton collection and you can find it at here. 

Was it love at first sight?

Not at all.

In fact, the fixtures I chose for the shower and sink were from the Moen Voss collection – in chrome.

And this toilet paper stand was only available in brushed nickel at the time (although now I see that it is available in chrome).

It didn’t even match my bathroom decor.

But that didn’t matter once I saw the pivoting feature.

This site is Almost Practical after all, and this decision was entirely dictated by my practical side.

Don’t deny it – we all know what a pain it is to replace a roll of toilet paper.

That spring loaded bar thingy never sits right on the first try. And it often it pops right out.

Not only that – I have actually had a few break apart.

Searching for springs and plastic parts that are strewn about and then assembling the darn thing is hard enough under regular circumstances.

But when it catches you with your pants down, literally speaking … yeah, well.

And forget it if you have kids.

Small children may not be able to change those spring loaded bars on their own – and teenagers can’t be bothered.

But they won’t mind using this one.

another view of the toilet paper holder

Have You Remodeled Your Bathroom Recently?

What funky thing did you come across that you can’t live without?

Now that our bathrooms are done – we embarked on a new project: A Kitchen Renovation.

Maybe we are just gluttons for punishment, but it will be nice when it’s done!

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