10 Practical Valentine’s Day Gifts for Kids

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Looking for Valentine’s Day gifts for kids?

10 Practical Valentine's Day Gifts for Kids

Valentine’s Day is kind of a tricky holiday.

It was designed to celebrate your sweetheart.

Of course your kids are your sweethearts.

But you don’t really want to turn Valentine’s Day into another Christmas do you?

For younger children, I have tried a few different Valentine’s Day gift ideas and these categories work best for me:

  • something that is useful and practical in daily life
  • something small, cheap, and frivolous, or
  • one thing for the whole family that everyone can enjoy together – like a game. (This is actually my favorite choice because Valentine’s Day is about spending time with those you love, right?)

Last year, I went to the Blogger Bash conference in NYC, which is sponsored by the Big Toy Book.

You would not believe the huge box of swag that they sent me afterwards!

Several items inside would make perfect Valentine’s Day gifts for kids.

Here are my top 10.

Just a note – this post is NOT sponsored. I did receive free products as an attendee at Blogger Bash. There was no expectation that I create a blog post and all favorable opinions here are my own.

Top 10 Valentine’s Day Gifts for Kids

One Gift That The Whole Family Can Enjoy Together

1. K’nex Building Sets

I love K’nex because they are both challenging and fun. These fall into my category of one thing the whole family can enjoy together – especially if your kids are close in age.

Here are 3 different options:

K'nex Power and Play Motorized Building Set

K’nex Power & Play Motorized Building Set

K'nex Clock Work Roller Coaster Building Set

K’nex Clock Work Roller Coaster Building Set

Kid K'nex Blinkin' Buddies

Kid K’nex Blinkin’ Buddies

2. Blurble

Blurble is a fun game for younger kids. The box says ages 8+ but I think mature 6 and 7 year olds would enjoy it too.

The concept is simple – there is a set of cards with pictures. You have to name something that starts with the same letter as the item on the card – but you can’t name the item that is pictured. It really does have you tripping over your own words. Lots of laughs.

blurble - the game


3. The Original Mouthguard Challenge Game

So, I have to admit – The Original Mouthguard Challenge Game really sceeved me out at first.

I’m kind of a germophobe and putting mouthguards in your mouth that have been in other mouths (of course, they go through the dishwasher first) – eeew.

But, despite my fears – I took this game to a family reunion, and I have to say we were laughing so hard – tears, literally, were flowing.

It was especially hilarious to see my little nephews try to talk with these mouthguards in.

Too funny and sooo much fun!

Perfect for family game night.

The Original Mouthguard Challenge Game

The Original Mouthguard Challenge Game

4. Unbored Disguises

The Unbored Disguises game is such a hoot. What we found was the kids love dressing up their parents.

It’s dress up in a box. So, you have everything right in one place.

Unbored Disguises

UnBored Disguises Game

Small Cheap and Frivolous – Valentine’s Day Gifts That Kids Love

Yes, kids love these Valentine’s Day gifts and – dare I say it? – parents hate them. Technically, they add to the household clutter – but they are fun. 🙂

5. Kinetic Sand

Actually, I find kinetic sand to be somewhat therapeutic, don’t you? When my daughter pulls it out, I can’t help but get involved.

Kinetic Sand

Kinetic Sand

6. L’il Woodzeez

It seems that little collectibles are very popular these days. L’il Woodzeez are cute bobblehead collectibles that make a simple token gift for Valentine’s Day.

L'il Woodzeez bobblehead dolls

L’il Woodzeez Bobblehead Toys

7. Num Noms

Num Noms follow along the same principle of being a cute little collectible – this time a lip gloss.

It certainly won’t break the bank and makes a sweet Valentine’s Day gift for kids.

Num Noms

Num Noms

8. Shopkins and Petkins

Shopkins and Petkins are a huge hit.



9. Wind Up Bump N Bots

This wind up Bump N Bot is a little addictive to watch. You just wind it up and off it goes. But when it gets to the edge of the table, instead of falling off, it turns and goes the other way.

So simple, yet so fascinating.

Bump N Bots

Wind Up Bum N Bots

Useful Valentine’s Day Gifts for Kids

And here is the final category.

It’s not as exciting or fun as the others, so I will include just one item. You can extrapolate from here.

10. Nalgene Thor Water Bottle

Kids do love their superheroes – so this Nalgene water bottle for kids fits the bill.

Nalgene Thor Water Bottle

Nalgene Water Bottle for Kids

Avoid the Hype

While I love the idea behind Valentine’s Day – the celebration can easily get out of hand.

Show your kids you love them with your attention, a little candy (of course!), and either a small token gift, something that is useful, or something the whole family can enjoy together.

Valentine’s Day gifts for kids can be fun and affordable.

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