5 Fun Desk Organizers to Dress Up Your Home Office

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Looking for fun desk organizers to dress up your home office?

I am always on the lookout for desk organizers that are cute but also practical.

You want something that you can use because it takes up valuable desk space but you also want something fun to fit your personality.

I am a firm believer in the “surround yourself with things you love” philosophy.

This thinking is also embraced by Marie Kondo in her KonMari Method of organizing – “does it bring you joy?”.

The problem, however, is that most desk organizers are so sterile and institutional.

Do the people that design these things know how to have a little fun?


This is why I will often repurpose things that I already have in the house into desk organizers.

But when I don’t have time for a home office DIY – then I look for something unique that was already made for this purpose.

A great desk organizer can help you keep clutter organized so you don’t end up with a messy house.

Here are my latest finds.

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An Elephant Desk Organizer

This elephant desk organizer is by far my favorite one.

It adds a little whimsy to your workspace and is sure to bring a smile to everyone that sees it.

The trunk is a holder for your cell phone and there are compartments on the back to hold your pencils, pens, scissors and other supplies.

This desk organizer will replace that boring mug you use to hold your writing instruments and has the added functionality of a cell phone holder.

It comes in a few different patterns, too.

Click here to see this elephant desk organizer on Amazon.

Pink and Pretty Desk Accessories

This pink desk set is pretty and lacy yet is made of very functional pieces.

A large paper tray can double as an inbox for all of those slips of paper you have floating around.

A memo cube works for pads of Post-It’s.

This pink desk set also includes a pencil holder and a smaller can for paperclips or rubber bands.

And finally a mail holder can also hold current project files or memo pads.

Click here to see this pink desk set on Amazon.

A Retro But Sleek Triangle File Organizer

This retro looking Triangle File Organizer is made from sturdy iron wire.

Even though the description calls the color “copper” many of the reviews mention that the product itself looks to be a rose gold color.

Whatever the true color, this triangle desk organizer is a stunning and unique accessory that will bring organization to your workspace.

Use it to hold files or even your larger electronics like an iPad or a Kindle.

Click here to see this Triangle Desk Organizer on Amazon.

Sometimes Less is More

Desk organizers do tend to take up valuable working space.

So, what do you do if you have a small desk? Or maybe you are just going for that minimalist home office look – and don’t want anything on your desk. At. All.

Well, you still need to write, dontcha?

This little under the desk, stick on pencil holder might just be what the doctor ordered.

It is small and inconspicuous but serves the purpose of giving you a place to store a few pens and pencils for when you need them.

Problem solved.

Click here to see this under the desk pencil holder on Amazon.

A Marbled Turquoise Paper Clip Holder


This marbled turquoise paperclip holder is gorgeous.

Dress up your home office with this beautiful desk accessory.

I think I am partial to turquoise because this magnetic paperclip holder actually matches my  water bottle really well.

Come to think of it, they both would look good on my desk right next to each other.

Click here to see this marbled turquoise paperclip holder on Amazon.

Your favorites?

What are some of your favorite desk accessories? Tell us in the comments below.

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