Jixelz Toy Review

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Disclosure: I received my review package of Jixelz by Fat Brain Toys in a “swag box” at the Toy Insider’s Sweet Suite Event. All opinions are my own.

cat and dog jixelz all put together

What Are Jixelz?

Jixelz are tiny plastic, jigsaw puzzle shaped pieces that you snap together to form a design.

photo of individual Jixelz toy pieces

The pieces are super small (much smaller than a standard jigsaw puzzle) and they all are the same shape.

Inside the package is a paper pattern that you can use as a guide to build the shapes shown on the package.

photo of the package of Jixelz with dog and cat design

Inside my package of Jixelz were enough pieces to build both the cat and the dog pictured on the front of the package.

Who Would Enjoy Jixelz?

If you are looking for gift ideas then you might be wondering who on your list might enjoy this toy.

photo of the Jixelz cat

If your child enjoys putting puzzles together, following patterns, likes detail work – this could be a good choice.

Beyond the included patterns, children can also make their own designs.

I will restate that the pieces are really small which could be a choking hazard for small children.

There is no age range listed on my package. but the Amazon site states ages 6 and up – but you could check with the manufacturer.

So, you child should be past the age where they still put everything in their mouth and you should also consider this if there are younger siblings in the house.

What I Liked About Jixelz

To test the product out, I built both the dog and the cat patterns that came in my package.

a photo of the assembly of the Jixelz toy dog.

They were fun to put together and a great rainy day activity.

I found that the cat pattern was easier than the dog pattern because even though there were different shades of brown in the dog the color of the small, individual pieces looked very similar – which made it more challenging.

There are so many fun patterns to choose from:

Which One Is Your Favorite?

I think my favorite is the parrot by far – but that donut and ice cream cone are fun too!

Tell me which one you like best in the comments below.

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