5 Super Useful Linen Closet Organizers

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If you are planning to reorganize your linen closet, here are some organizers that you might find to be useful.

Yesterday I posted my own small linen closet makeover – you can see all the before and after photos in that post. I used some of the following organizers to corral things like shampoos, toothpaste, toiletries, sheets, batteries, etc.

collection of boxes, bins, and bags for storing linens

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Do This Before You Buy

For any organizing project, the first thing that I always recommend is to pare down your stuff before trying to figure out ways to store it.

Once you have made the tough decisions and have your pile of what you plan to keep – the most cost effective way to store it is to use containers that you already own.

Marie Kondo of The Life Changing Magic of Tidying Up fame recommends repurposing sturdy boxes as baskets to organize your things.

Personally, I have used boxes, tote bags, and if you have ever bought bedding – the clear bags with zippers that sheets and comforters come in are great options for storing things in the linen closet.

After you have gone through all the options you have at home – you may need to buy a few linen closet organizers for the things that you have left.

Organizers for Your Linen Closet

Make Your Plan

Obviously, no two linen closets are alike.

Before you run out and buy organizers, you need to

  • take inventory of the things you plan to store,
  • find storage solutions that you already own,
  • and make a list of the things you need to fill in the gaps.

Take note of the measurements of your shelves, including the depth so you can order organizers that will fit your space.

Since linen closets usually have doors that you can close, I tend to gravitate towards organizers that are clear. This makes it easy to see what is inside.

But if you have an open storage situation, you might want to consider more opaque storage – like baskets ( for example, I use these types of baskets to store toilet paper in plain sight) and fabric bins that hide the contents.

Happy organizing!

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